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March 2012 Archives

Investigation Shows That Dangerous Medical Implants Are Rarely Tested

A recent investigation by Consumer Reports indicates that medical devices such as artificial hip implants are often not tested thoroughly enough to protect consumers. The Consumer Reports investigation suggests that metal-on-metal hip implants were rushed to the marketplace without adequate safety testing to ensure that implant recipients would not be harmed.

Lowell High School Mock Trial Team Hones Its Skills With Help From San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Doris Cheng

Students from San Francisco's Lowell High School recently won the regional Constitutional Rights Foundation Mock Trial Competition and placed sixth in the statewide mock trial competition.

Aging population may increase likelihood of elder abuse

Increasingly, California families are unable to care for their oldest members. There are many instances when nursing home patients are abused or neglected. Injuries that arise out of nursing home abuse include pressure ulcers, malnutrition, infections, falls, dehydration and financial abuse. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney can help California families hold a nursing home accountable for failing to take care for its patients and help ensure that an abused patient is compensated for the pain that he or she had to endure.

Common birth injuries caused by medical malpractice

Birth has never been a risk-free event for California mothers but technological improvements have made childbirth significantly safer in recent years. Unfortunately, the negligence of a medical professional can cause unnecessary birth injuries that require a lifetime of medical care.

The causes of medical malpractice underreporting

In our last post we discussed the fact that only one in seven medical malpractice incidents are reported by the Hospitals where they occur; this means Hospital keep under wraps roughly 84 percent of injurious medical errors. The issue of underreporting was revealed in a study conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services which specifically looked at the medical treatment that Medicare patients received. The study found that over 130,000 Medicare recipients experienced medical malpractice in a single month and that even hospital administrators knew that employees were failing to report all of the injuries and infections that occurred.