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February 2016 Archives

Hospital ER accused of laughing at, ignoring dying patient

A lot goes on in a typical big-city emergency room, and it may be good for hospital staff to maintain a certain amount of emotional detachment from their patients. However, detachment should not cross over into callousness, and it definitely should not cause a deadly infection to go undiagnosed, as the husband of a woman who died in the hospital in January believes happened. He is suing the hospital for negligently causing her death.

San Francisco Bicyclists the Victims of Road Rage

The mission of San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign is to eliminate fatal bicycle and pedestrian crashes in the city. Much of the effort is focused on eliminating accidents, but sometimes there are collisions that are not accidental at all. Sometimes, motorists use their cars and trucks as weapons to inflict serious harm on cyclists.

Self-driving car crashes in San Francisco

If self-driving automobiles are supposed to eliminate car accidents, it appears that engineers still have a ways to go. An automated test vehicle recently got into a crash in downtown San Francisco, though state officials blamed the incident on the human inside the vehicle.

Medical scope recalled after hundreds infected

After hundreds of patients suffered infections in just three years, Olympus Corp. has announced that it is recalling its medical scopes. The recall comes after Olympus had notice of the fact so-called quote superbug" infections were being found in plaintiffs who underwent an endoscopy with the company's scopes, but the company delay taking the scopes off the market while it waited for FDA approval of a new scope design so the effect of on the company's bottom line would be minimized.

San Francisco cable car operator dies 7 months after accident

Usually, when a motorcycle is involved in a traffic accident, the rider has the greater chance of serious injury. But when the other party is a pedestrian, that person is even more vulnerable to reckless behavior.

California 'pill mill' doctor gets 30-to-life for murder

Last week, we discussed a phony San Francisco "doctor" who operated on patients without a license, injuring some and sexually assaulting others. Today, we have an even more chilling story of a doctor who abused her patients' trust.