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October 2016 Archives

After 2 deaths, defective internal pacemakers being recalled

St. Jude Medical Inc, one of the giants of the medical device industry, has announced that it is recalling some of its internal pacemakers after a defect in the devices' batteries came to light. Though St. Jude claims the risk of serious harm to patients is low, at least two users of the devices have died so far.

German regulators give poor marks to Tesla autopilot system

As we move closer and closer to the day when robot cars are driving themselves around the Bay Area, safety regulators in Europe are raising grave concerns about the personal injury producing potential of at least one of those vehicles. Private Wealth magazine is reporting that officials in the German Transportation Ministry are calling the autopilot function on the most popular model from Tesla Motors Inc a "considerable traffic hazard."

Who will become history's next Henry Ford?

The U.S. government finally weighs in with 'first-ever' guidelines on self-driving cars.

For many commuters the prospect of autonomous vehicles - getting from Point A to Point B without having to lift a finger - is irresistible. The self-driving car (or robot car, as some put it) has demonstrated the technology is available for cars to travel mostly without traveling thousands of miles without mishap.