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Bike Accidents Archives

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Is Wrong

A driver in downtown San Francisco fled the scene of a serious accident recently, but the police fortunately apprehended her later in the day. This is yet another example of drivers who try to get away from the problems they caused, only to suffer more extensive punishment because of their decision. No one should flee the scene of an accident. There is no reason to do this. You immediately escalate a civil wrong to a criminal act. And drivers who stay at the scene are able to help those who have been hurt by their conduct

San Francisco unveils 1st 'protected intersection'

San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign includes an effort to avoid personal injuries to citizens by, in part, changing city's streets to better protect pedestrians and bicyclists. City officials optimistically hope to eliminate traffic fatalities in San Francisco by 2024.

San Francisco Bicyclists the Victims of Road Rage

The mission of San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign is to eliminate fatal bicycle and pedestrian crashes in the city. Much of the effort is focused on eliminating accidents, but sometimes there are collisions that are not accidental at all. Sometimes, motorists use their cars and trucks as weapons to inflict serious harm on cyclists.


We speak often on this blog about bicycle safety in San Francisco, which is a passion at our firm. A pair of recent crashes shows that the city has a long way to go to be a safe place to ride.

Bicycle-on-bicycle accidents can cause injury too

This blog frequently reports on people who were hurt or killed while riding their bicycle, which is an all-too-frequent occurrence in San Francisco. Most of the time, our posts are about cyclists getting hit by cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.

Retired judge killed by SUV while riding his bicycle

A retired Arizona judge was killed recently while riding his bicycle on a California road near Lake Tahoe. It appears that the driver of the SUV that hit him failed to give the victim enough room as he drove past.

The Walkup firm applauds Shaun Livingston of for biking to work!

The Walkup firm applauds Shaun Livingston of the fabulous Golden State Warriors for biking to work! We will root extra hard for him to do well during the playoffs. The Walkup law firm is celebrating Bike-to-Work-Day next Thursday, May 14, by giving out 15,000 safety lights to bicyclists in San Francisco and the Peninsula and South Bay. The lights will be included in goodie bags handed out to cyclists that day by members of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Bike Coalitions. Be seen and be safe.

Be Seen Be Safe Bike To Work Photo Competition

In honor of Bike to Work Day 2015, we bike safety lawyers are hosting a friendly competition to identify the Brightest, Lightest Cyclist (hey, it rhymes) on our streets. The lucky winner will receive San Francisco Giants club level tickets and a parking pass for Sunday, June 14 (3rd game against the Diamondbacks).

Vision Zero maps out San Francisco's bicycle, pedestrian injuries

As we have mentioned a couple of times in this blog, most recently on Feb. 6, our law firm is proud to support Walk San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign, a collaboration with city officials. Vision Zero's goal is to eliminate pedestrian and bicyclist deaths in collisions with motor vehicles within a decade.

Walkup lawyers serve the community in many ways, part I

With the holidays here, it is a time many people in San Francisco make their annual charitable donations, or volunteer for their favorite causes. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, giving back to the community is a year-round job.