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Product Liability Archives

2016 in product recalls

The year 2016 was a big one for product recalls, with perhaps the massive recalls of Takata airbags and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 making the most headlines. Many of these recalls were the result of consumers suffering serious injury because of the product was defectively designed or manufactured.

Ikea settles dresser death litigation for $50 million

Low-cost furniture chain Ikea has announced that it is settling litigation related to the deaths of three young children caused by unstable dressers. The company has reportedly agreed to pay $50 million to the families of the deceased.

Will driverless cars eliminate human error and replace it with mechanical error?

Just a few miles outside of San Francisco sit the headquarters of some of the technology industry giants who are in hot pursuit of taking the lead in the driverless car market. Tesla, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Intel are all among the tech firms joining with auto industry icons such as Ford, GM, Honda and Volkswagen in various alliances to be first to market with autonomous automobiles that can drive themselves.

Navy may ban e-cigarette use due to safety defect

As we have been reporting on this blog, users of e-cigarettes have increasingly suffered serious burns as the result of problems with the lithium-ion batteries that power them. Now the U.S. Navy is considering a ban on the devices due to safety concerns.

Another product liability suit over e-cigarette injuries

As we previously mentioned on this blog, a growing number of e-cigarette users are becoming seriously injured by this product, which manufacturers market as a safe alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products. It appears that the batteries that provide the charge in e-cigarettes can have the tendency to explode, causing burns and other serious injuries.

After Anton Yelchin's death, Fiat Chrysler speeds up Jeep recall

By now, our readers have probably heard of the tragic death of the actor Anton Yelchin on June 19. Yelchin, perhaps best known for playing Commander Chekov in the most recent Star Trek films, was killed when his Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly rolled down his driveway and crushed him. He was 27.

Worldwide Takata airbag recall reaches China

From everything we see in the newspapers and on TV, consumers could reasonably believe that American car owners have been most affected by the massive recall of Takata airbags. However, we live in a global consumer environment and as the recall continues to expand in the U.S., other countries are also beginning to take action.

FDA warns that antipsychotic may cause compulsive sex, eating

A drug commonly used to treat mental illness has a frightening side effect, the Food and Drug Administration announced recently. The agency says the drug, Abilify ( aka aripiprazole ) can cause compulsive behavior, including overeating, gambling and an uncontrollable desire for sex, TIME reports.

Self-driving car crashes in San Francisco

If self-driving automobiles are supposed to eliminate car accidents, it appears that engineers still have a ways to go. An automated test vehicle recently got into a crash in downtown San Francisco, though state officials blamed the incident on the human inside the vehicle.

Brake Failure Suspected In Union Square Bus Crash

Local San Francisco media outlets are reporting that the investigation into the cause of the recent tour bus that crashed at Union Square. Brake failure is being explored as a possible cause. Investigators noted this would fit with eye witness descriptions of the crash.