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Posts tagged "Medical malpractice"

13-year-old dies of brain tumor missed by hospital

Failure to take a patient's symptoms seriously or to obtain a complete and thorough history of symptoms enough can lead to catastrophe. That is what the family of a teenage girl who died of a brain tumor in 2016 say caused her death. They are suing the hospital and three doctors for medical malpractice for failing to diagnose the tumor in time to treat it.

Many surgeons are reluctant to apologize after a mistake

If you are ever the victim of a surgical mistake, it would seem that honesty about what happened would be the least of what you are owed. Sadly, many surgeons are more worried about their reputation and legal liability than they are about being honest with their patients and admitting they made a mistake.

California hospital blamed for fatal medication error

Painkillers are intended to provide relief from acute or chronic pain, but as powerful drugs healthcare providers need to be careful when prescribing and administering them. A careless mistake can cost the patient his or her life.

San Francisco reneges on settlement after plaintiff dies

Fair compensation which a plaintiff receives from a personal injury lawsuit is intended to make him or her "whole" again, at least from a monetary perspective. For many victims of medical malpractice, this means reimbursement for already-incurred costs like hospital bills and repayment of lost wages, as well as anticipated future expenses like health care aids.

Medical study says malpractice is 3rd-highest cause of death

Think medical malpractice isn't a serious health crisis in this country? A bold new study from Johns Hopkins Medicine suggests it kills more people in the U.S. each year than just about every major disease. But you would not know it from the death certificates issued by negligent doctors.

Hospital ER accused of laughing at, ignoring dying patient

A lot goes on in a typical big-city emergency room, and it may be good for hospital staff to maintain a certain amount of emotional detachment from their patients. However, detachment should not cross over into callousness, and it definitely should not cause a deadly infection to go undiagnosed, as the husband of a woman who died in the hospital in January believes happened. He is suing the hospital for negligently causing her death.

California 'pill mill' doctor gets 30-to-life for murder

Last week, we discussed a phony San Francisco "doctor" who operated on patients without a license, injuring some and sexually assaulting others. Today, we have an even more chilling story of a doctor who abused her patients' trust.

Most people will be victims of misdiagnosis in their lives

It turns out that those of us who go to the doctor when we get sick will be the victim of misdiagnosis at least once in our lives. That is the conclusion of a new report that calls for major changes to the process of examining and diagnosing patients, as discussed by the Associated Press.

What is an apology worth? To many medical malpractice victims, quite a lot

For many patients injured by the carelessness of medical professionals money is not the prime motivator to seek justice. Some patients simply want to hear the doctor responsible for their injuries say, "I'm sorry."