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Posts tagged "car accident"

Caitlyn Jenner claims paparazzi caused 2015 fatal crash

Readers may recall that former Olympic athlete and reality television star Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a fatal car crash last year. A 69-year-old woman was killed in the chain-reaction collision on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Valet driver kills 1 in San Francisco car wreck

A fast-growing nationwide valet parking service was involved in an April San Francisco car accident that cost the life of a woman, according to news reports. Like ride-share companies Lyft and Uber, Luxe uses contract drivers. When crashes like this one happen, it raises legal questions about the ability to hold the company paying the driver's salary responsible for the harm caused in the course of its business enterprise.

Self-driving car crashes in San Francisco

If self-driving automobiles are supposed to eliminate car accidents, it appears that engineers still have a ways to go. An automated test vehicle recently got into a crash in downtown San Francisco, though state officials blamed the incident on the human inside the vehicle.

New service allows users to check vehicle recall status using VIN

Considering the massive waves of automobile recalls in 2014, there are more motor vehicles on the roads than ever with an acknowledged and potentially dangerous defect. However, when vehicles are recalled, a large portion of them never make it in to the dealership for a fix. Vehicle owners may not hear about the recall, may simply be too apathetic to bring their vehicle in for repairs or may fail to get a defect corrected for some other reason.

Investigation into defective airbags expands beyond Takata

The massive Takata Corp. airbag recall has put these safety devices in the spotlight. Questions are beginning to surface about whether airbags were designed to stand the test of time, or if they are the equivalent of ticking time bombs in Americans' steering wheels and dashboards.

Google announces 3 injuries in self-driving car crash

Readers may have heard that Internet giant and soon-to-be automaker Google has vowed to be more open with the public when its test vehicles get into accidents. This has already led to a series of news stories about collisions involving Google's self-driving prototypes, perhaps leading some to wonder if such vehicles will indeed eliminate most car accidents as promised.

Takata CEO breaks his silence on deadly airbag defect

After months of silence, it appears that the prospect of the Congressional hearings has finally motivated the CEO of Takata to apologize for making defective airbags that have killed at least eight people.