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Posts tagged "product recall"

2 die in California hospital from devices infected with superbug

Medical devices and tools must be sterile, or else expose patients to serious infection. Hospitals and medical clinics are often full of germs, because those facilities are where sick people go. If doctors, nurses and device manufacturers are not sufficiently careful, disease can spread from patient to patient.

Potentially deadly bean bag chairs recalled

Almost any kind of product can be dangerous if it is released into the stream of commerce with a serious defect. From defective automobiles to dangerous medications, there are any number of products that can become dangerous when quality control is compromised.

New service allows users to check vehicle recall status using VIN

Considering the massive waves of automobile recalls in 2014, there are more motor vehicles on the roads than ever with an acknowledged and potentially dangerous defect. However, when vehicles are recalled, a large portion of them never make it in to the dealership for a fix. Vehicle owners may not hear about the recall, may simply be too apathetic to bring their vehicle in for repairs or may fail to get a defect corrected for some other reason.