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Brain Injuries And Comas

When A California Brain Injury Leads To Coma

The severity of a coma depends on the severity of the underlying injury, the cause of the injury and the location of the injury. While comas rarely last more than two to four weeks, that does not mean that all comatose patients emerge from their coma in that time period.

Sadly, some patients will slip into a persistent vegetative state. In such a condition, the patient has lost his or her thinking abilities and awareness of his or her surroundings.

In a persistent vegetative state, individuals need continual care to avoid pneumonia, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, skin breakdown and systemic infections that can be deadly to a person in a persistent vegetative state. Caretakers are also needed to provide physical therapy, which can help prevent “contractures,” or permanent muscle contractions.

When a person does recover from a coma or a persistent vegetative state, he or she may emerge with permanent physical, intellectual and psychological problems.

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Walkup Melodia TBI attorneys have represented many clients (and their families) when a negligently caused injury caused a persistent vegetative state. Such clients need specialized, expensive 24 hour-a-day assistance and life care.

Our attorneys are skilled in working with professionals, registered nurses, life care planners, economists and vocational rehabilitation experts, as well as structured settlement professionals and special needs trust lawyers to provide for the best possible settlement or resolution from a tax planning and government benefit compatibility perspective.

If you or a loved one is responsible for the care of someone in a persistent vegetative state caused by negligence, a product defect or an accident, call us at (415) 981-7210 or contact us online.

Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger handles TBI coma cases throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Hayward and Sunnyvale.

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