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FDA announces recall of peanuts due to salmonella concerns

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced a recall of organic peanut butter and a salted-in shell product due to concerns of salmonella contamination. The products were manufactured by Los Angeles-based Torn and Glasser, Inc. The contaminated products were sold under a variety of labels including Gless Ranch, Sun Harvest, Sprouts, and Torn and Glasser…. read more

California dock company cited after workers’ death

Federal regulators have cited a California dock company after workplace safety violations led to the wrongful death of an employee. An investigation regarding the working conditions at the Long Beach dock was launched after a dockworker was killed by a 40-foot-long shipping container. The massive shipping container fell from the stack of containers during loading… read more

Santa Fe Springs food plant employee killed in oven accident

An employee at a Santa Fe Springs seafood processing plant was killed recently after being cooked alive in an oven. The Contra Costa Times reports that an employee of Bumble Bee tuna processing plant was killed in a steam pressure cooker. The 62-year-old man was a father of six. His family was upset by the… read more

California school bus accident leaves 16 students injured

At least 16 school children were injured last week when a school bus hit a U-Haul truck Victorville, California, approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles. California Highway Patrol reports that two children suffered serious personal injuries in this bus accident and that 10 other children were hospitalized. Another four children were treated and released… read more

Three California train collisions result injuries and one death

Mass transit accidents can take a variety of forms. Several train accidents occurred throughout California recently resulting in commuter delays, personal injuries, and one death. The first train accident occurred shortly after 6 a.m. Monday morning in Stockton. The San Joaquin County Coroner’s office says that a 23-year-old Stockton pedestrian was killed when he was… read more

Contractor establishes constructive notice in slip-and-fall case

In our last post, we discussed a slip-and-fall case brought by a jewelry store’s independent contractor after he slipped on jewelry cleaning solution and fell in the store’s employee-only area. Evidence in this premises liability case indicates that the jewelry cleaning solution was kept in a 5-gallon bucket in the break room, which was accessible… read more

Sacramento jewelry store contractor sues after slip-and-fall

Slip-and-fall lawsuits against mall stores are common throughout California and are typically brought by store customers. One recent slip-and-fall lawsuit brought against a Sacramento mall store is slightly unusual because it involves an area of the store under the exclusive control of store employees. The premises liability lawsuit was filed by a jewelry repair specialist… read more

California company pays $1.5M settlement after truck accidents

A Ventura County trucking company recently settled the personal injury claims of two car drivers and a police officer for $1.5 million. The plaintiffs in this case alleged that the trucking company was negligent in hiring a truck driver who was unsuitable to control these potentially dangerous vehicles, especially considering the type of cargo handled… read more

Government to pay $5.3M to settle wrongful death litigation

The United States government will have to pay $5,396,000 to the heirs of three adult women who were killed in a December 2009 car accident between a minivan and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement vehicle. The 17 heirs of the three women sued the government for wrongful death, claiming that the Imperial County crash was… read more

Investigation continues after California Amtrak accident

At least 39 people were injured Monday when an Amtrak passenger train collided with a truck while on its way from Oakland to Bakersfield. The train vs. truck accident happened near the farming town of Hanford and was severe enough to derail two of the train’s four cars and its locomotive. Multiple agencies are investigating… read more