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Walkup Medical Negligence Counsel Dr. Christian Jagusch Joins the Faculty at Creighton University School of Medicine

Earlier this year, Dr. Jagusch taught the third year medical students at his Alma Mater about medical malpractice and how to improve patient care to avoid it. Following his presentation, Creighton University appointed Dr. Jagusch to Assistant Clinical Professor.

Christian is currently developing a curriculum to allow fourth medical students to learn medical malpractice and other health law topics as an elective during their final year of studies. While originally intended to be a rotation where students would spend 4 weeks at the Walkup office participating in day-to-day medicolegal affairs, Dr. Jagusch has shifted his curriculum planning to an online interactive program considering the recent change of global circumstances.

Walkup has always hosted multiple students each year to learn how to become better lawyers. Now, Walkup opens its virtual doors to educate medical students in hopes of teaching young doctors on how to care for patients better and avoid the pitfalls that ultimately hurt patients.