ClickCease Bay Area Freeway Truck Accidents

Bay Area Freeway Truck Accidents

Truck accidents lead to thousands of injury and fatality-causing accidents each year. According to the California Highway Patrol, 290 people died and an additional 6,000 suffered injuries in truck-related crashes in 2015. If you or a loved one suffered harm in a truck accident, contact the attorneys at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly, and Schoenberger today. Let one of our attorneys determine the parties responsible for your injuries and help you hold them accountable to the full extent of your injuries, pain, and suffering.

Large Motor Vehicle Accidents on Bay Area Freeways

The Bay Area is famous for its congestion and is one of the most bustling metropolitan areas in the nation. Some of the busiest roadways in the area include:


Interstate 505 is a mostly rural stretch of highway between Interstate 80 in Vacaville and Interstate 5 in Dunnigan. It connects the bustling Bay Area to the Sacramento Valley, effectively bypassing the city itself. This makes it one of the main routes for travelers going from the Bay Area to the rest of the Pacific Northwest. It also makes it an attractive choice for commercial motor vehicles looking to bypass the city traffic of Sacramento.


Interstate 580 stretches 80 miles and runs east to west in Northern California. It’s a spur route of I-80 and receives heavy traffic from San Rafael in the Bay Area to I-5 in the Central Valley region near Tracy. It provides direct access to the Bay Area since I-5 bypasses major city centers to the east.


This Interstate in northern California runs north-south and weaves around the eastern edge of the Bay Area, including San Francisco and Oakland. It bypasses many of the bustling city centers, which makes it an appealing choice for truck drivers looking to avoid city traffic. Still, the I-680 is a congested, multi-lane interstate that often reports accidents.


The 780 works to connect the San Francisco Bay Area, namely 680, to I-80, which provides access to the rest of the country. It’s a bustling roadway that transports tourists, commuters, and truck drivers alike.


Finally, Interstate 880 connects San Jose to Oakland in the Bay Area. It runs parallel to the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay. It’s a part of the National Highway System, which is a network of highways that the Federal Highway Administration considers essential to the nation’s mobility, economy, and defense.

Have You Been in a Bay Area Truck Accident?

Trucks are a mainstay on Bay Area roadways. Unfortunately, an accident with a commercial motor vehicle can lead to serious and debilitating injuries, requiring extensive medical care and rehabilitation. If you or a loved one recently suffered in a Bay area truck accident, pursuing a truck accident claim can help you compensate for the following types of damages:

Economic Damages: these provide compensation for the material losses of your accident. Examples include medical bills, lost wages, and any ongoing rehabilitation costs.

General Damages: these provide reimbursement for the intangible losses resulting from your accident. Examples include pain, suffering, or loss in partnership (in the case of wrongful death).

Your Bay Area Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accident claims are complex legal processes that involve both federal and state laws. If you suffered injuries in a truck accident and believe that someone else was responsible, contact the attorneys at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly, and Schoenberger to schedule a free initial consultation with our firm today. We have extensive experience in negotiating with insurance companies and will not settle for less than you deserve. We offer our services on a contingency-fee basis, which means you won’t owe any legal fees unless we attain a settlement or court judgement on your behalf. Contact us today to get started.