ClickCease Diagnosis, Symptoms, & Causes Cerebral Palsy

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is not a single disorder, and it does not affect every child in the same way.

  • Is your infant excessively stiff (hypertonic) or excessively floppy (hypotonic)?
  • Has he or she had delays in rolling over, sitting, crawling or walking (poor motor skills)?
  • Does your child have balance problems?
  • Does your child use only one hand or have great difficulty shifting an object from one hand to the other (poor coordination or lack of coordination)?
  • Has your infant had seizures?

If your infant displays some or all of these symptoms, you should seek a medical opinion and diagnosis.

Helping Parents Find Answers And Hold Medical Professionals Accountable

It takes a trained medical professional to assess whether errors were made during labor and delivery which led to CP. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger our San Francisco, California cerebral palsy lawyers work with in-house and nationally known medical specialists to review prenatal records, ultrasounds, electronic fetal heart rate monitoring tapes, fetal PH scalp sampling, delivery room records, and other medical evidence to determine whether preventable injuries occurred during or shortly after childbirth.

Parents may want to consult a birth injury attorney if any of the following serious problems occurred during or soon after delivery:

  • Excessive Pitocin was used to supplement or induce labor
  • The second stage of labor was prolonged, stalled very or delivery was delayed
  • Fetal Monitors showed signs of fetal distress, indicating a lack of oxygen
  • Mother and baby had different blood types (Rh factor incompatibility)
  • The infant had severe jaundice after birth

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The San Francisco, California birth injury attorneys at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have been representing injured children and their families since 1959. We have a proven record of results we have obtained for injured children and their families.

Contact our San Francisco law office to talk with a cerebral palsy lawyer when you need answers and experienced legal help. Call now (415) 981-7210. We represent clients throughout Northern California, Southern California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and the western United States.

*If you are insured under a Kaiser Permanent group health plan, you cannot file a lawsuit in court. Your only legal remedy is arbitration. You are entitled to have legal counsel in Kaiser Permanente arbitration proceedings. Learn more about our birth injury practice for Kaiser Permanente customers.