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Kaiser Failure To Diagnose Cancer

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, in San Francisco, California, we have extensive experience representing Kaiser Permanente members before the Permanente Arbitration Panels. We have represented Kaiser Permanente cancer patients and other Kaiser members since 1978.

If you believe that a Kaiser health care provider has missed or ignored warning signs of cancer, you should contact our experienced Kaiser malpractice attorneys to evaluate your claim.

Kaiser Permanente Cancer Misdiagnosis

A diagnosis of cancer is no longer the terminal sentence it was in the past. With early detection and timely treatment, the medical impact of many cancers, including colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and lung cancer, can be meaningfully reduced.

Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Ignoring or misreading the early warning signs of cancer can have dire consequences. The longer a diagnosis of prostate, colon, cervical or breast cancer is delayed or unrecognized, the more likely it is to progress to a non-treatable stage. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can lead to reduced life expectancy, more invasive, aggressive and costly treatment, loss of income due to time spent treating cancer, and in the worst case, premature death.

Get the Representation You Need

As a Kaiser Permanente member, your rights to file medical claims against Kaiser are limited. Since 1978, all Kaiser Permanente group policies have included a provision mandating use of a private arbitration procedure for all medical claims against Kaiser Permanente. These complex proceedings often result in the denial of medical claims regardless of the negligence, carelessness or malpractice of the health care provider.


Failure to Timely Diagnose Lung Cancer – Metastatic Spread

Through mediation, Walkup attorneys secured a $600,000 settlement for a 50-year-old educator and aircraft mechanic whom Kaiser Sacramento doctors failed to diagnose with lung cancer.

Failure To Treat Infection – Confidential Settlement

Our Kaiser Arbitration team obtained a Confidential Settlement in a case against a Northern California Kaiser Permanente facility following the failure of a team of nurses to diagnose and follow up on a post-operative infection. The elderly plaintiff underwent spinal surgery for progressive weakness in his legs, and an inability to walk. Following surgery, an MRSA infection developed and was permitted to progress, damaging his spinal cord and significantly advancing his overall deterioration. The settlement was apportioned between the Kaiser Permanente member and his wife, who brought a claim for loss of consortium.

To learn more about the Kaiser failure to diagnose cases we have handled, please see our Kaiser failure to diagnose cancer information and cases page.

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