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SUV accidents that should have been minor often turn out to be fatal when the vehicle loses traction and rolls over due to a high center of gravity. SUV manufacturers have designed, made and sold cars that are unstable, dangerous and not crashworthy.

If a loved one dies in an SUV rollover accident, talk to lawyers who understand the engineering design flaws that caused your loved one’s death.

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our California lawyers have handled fatal SUV rollover accidents against Ford, GM, Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota and other manufacturers.

Hand over the insurance and product liability issues to lawyers known for compassion as well as effective, tough representation. Your family is entitled to the financial security your loved one would have wanted and provided. When a manufacturer fails to sell safe products, you need a lawyer willing to go to trial for your family’s benefit.

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Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger handles SUV rollover cases throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara and San Jose.

SUV Rollover Lawsuit Case Studies

Death Of Husband And Father — SUV Rollover — Mismatched Car And Trailer — $5.25 Million Settlement

Our product liability lawyers negotiated a cash and annuity settlement having a present value of $5.25 million on behalf of the surviving widow and two minor children of a 42-year-old fire captain who was killed when his SUV rolled over on Highway 50 while pulling an “ultralight” travel trailer. The plaintiffs claimed that the defendant motor home retailer inappropriately sold the family a trailer that was too large to be safely pulled by their small SUV. The plaintiffs also claimed that the retailer failed to advise them that if the travel trailer was loaded to its maximum capacity (as specified by the trailer manufacturer), the trailer would weigh 1,400 pounds more than the maximum weight recommended by the SUV manufacturer. While traveling on Highway 50, passing a semi truck, the trailer was hit by a gust of wind, causing it to fishtail, go out of control and roll over, pulling the towing SUV with it. The defendants claimed that had the decedent read the owner’s manuals for his vehicle and the trailer, he would have observed warnings in both manuals regarding overloading, and, by weighing the vehicles, he could have avoided the situation that produced his death. The settlement was reached after three mediations.

SUV Rollover — $2.9 Million Settlement

Our vehicle stability team negotiated a settlement in the amount of $2.9 million against the makers of the Chevrolet Blazer for the surviving husband of a woman who was killed when her Blazer overturned in a single-car Northern California accident. Our client’s wife was driving to work when she inadvertently left the road and in the process of correcting back onto the roadway, she overcorrected and her vehicle overturned. During the three rolls that followed, the roof collapsed, and she sustained fatal head injuries. Our attorneys demonstrated that the vehicle, as designed, was not sufficiently stable to protect drivers who found themselves in foreseeable and expected emergency driving maneuvers. The settlement was paid both in cash and in annuities. Under the terms of the court-approved annuities, the woman’s surviving son will be provided periodic payments to cover the cost of high school and college and to provide security to him as a young adult.

13-Passenger Van Rollover — $2.5 Million Settlement

Our defective auto trial lawyers represented the 3-year-old surviving son of a foreign exchange student who died when the school van she was riding in rolled over in a solo San Francisco car accident on Highway 5. The van driver was taking the decedent on a school outing when he fell asleep and upon awakening overcorrected and the van rolled multiple times, ejecting the decedent.