ClickCease Berkeley Alumni Trial Team Map

This map sponsored by Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger.

We have been working on a special alumni-focused project, and it’s now ready for release in draft form—the Berkeley Trial Team Map!

As you all know, one of my favorite parts of running the program is connecting our alumni with each other, and connecting our students with our alumni. One of my favorite challenges from students and alums is when I’m asked for a connection. Be that a public defender in Portland or a plaintiff’s lawyer in Philadelphia, I get a lot of joy out of connecting our students and alumni with each other.

I’ve always kept an updated trial team mailing list, but after many mental searches asking myself who is practicing where, it occurred to me that we should put everyone on a map and then share that with the community so everyone can see where everyone is.

The work started with Blaine Schmidt, ’23, who figured out the best map system to use and started filling in the data. Then Khodamorad Moradpour, ’22 undergraduate, and Daniel Seo, ’22 undergraduate took over and helped organize, sort, and fill in the data.

After about a year’s worth of effort, we are ready for launch!

Berkeley Law I very much hope you find this map to be helpful. In 15 years of practice, I’ve found that it’s invaluable not only to be able to reach out to others across the country for help but, more importantly, to have a personal connection to them. Our shared history with the Berkeley trial team gives us that connection—a reason not only to answer an email looking for help, but to treat the request from a fellow alum as one would a request from a close friend. This kind of shared support, throughout a career, is one of many things that makes Berkeley’s trial program exceptional.

Maybe you want to get feedback on a judge, and need a friendly voice to reach out to. Maybe you need local or co-counsel in a case, or you want to refer a case to a fellow Berkeley trial alum. Maybe you’re curious what a specific job market looks like. Hopefully the Berkeley Trial Team Map will be a tool for you to answer these and many other questions by reaching out to another person who came through our trial program.

You’ll see we have the data both in map format, as well as in a spreadsheet below. There are over 200 members of our alumni community, and it grows every year.

A few points:

  • No email is provided with your listing (only public location information). If you’d like to add that, let us know.
  • Because no email info is provided, if you’d like to get in touch with another alum on the map, feel free to ask me for an introduction, I’ll be glad to provide it.
  • If you find an error, can you let us know? We’d like to get the map fully accurate, then keep it that way.
  • Have a suggestion? If you have a way to make the map more useful, please email me at

Spencer J. Pahlke Last, big thanks to my law firm Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger for supporting this project and all the work I get to do for Berkeley Law. I know from personal experience that our alumni community is strong, and staying connected to it is not only fun but also important for a career. Specifically, I have received many personal injury and wrongful death referrals from our wonderful alumni community through the years. I hope this map only spreads those kind of opportunities farther and wider!

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