Attorney Referrals

Maximize Your Client’s Recovery – Refer A Case To The Walkup Law Firm

We handle cases on referral from, or in association with lawyers throughout California and across the United States. For more than 60 years we have been a trusted referral partner by attorneys in all practice disciplines looking for the right representation for clients with substantial personal injury and wrongful death cases. Consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct and governing law we have paid millions of dollars in fees to referring and associated counsel every year since 1959.  As one of the pre-eminent plaintiff personal injury and wrongful death firms in the country, we receive referrals in cases of all types from firms of all sizes; from solo practitioners to multi-office firms who want to make sure their clients are represented by a firm with the resources, experience and knowledge to optimize the clients representation.

Lawyers not regularly practicing in the injury area, from tax and probate to intellectual property and tort defense, to patent and trademark, have trusted us with the referral of friends, family and clients to investigate and prosecute injury and death claims.

You Can Depend On Our Referral Agreements And Payments

All referral agreements and referral fees are paid consistent with State Bar Rule 1.5.1, with the client’s acknowledgment and approval of the referral agreement and fee sharing formula at the time of initial retention as required by law.

We work with referring counsel to make certain that the referral fee is fair in light of the work undertaken, the risk assumed, the time commitment involved, the risk of loss at trial, and advanced costs responsibility.

There is no one size fits all arrangement. In each case, the amount of the fee is tailored to the individual circumstances of the case. Factors considered include the size of the case, its complexity, the overall fee negotiated with the client, the likelihood of success, the responsibility for advanced costs, the amount of involvement of the referring attorney, and the point in the case at which our firm has been retained or associated.

We pay referrals and share fees in wrongful death, paralysis, medical negligence, brain injury, auto accident, truck collisions, catastrophic injury, construction site injuries, product defect claims, medical drug and device litigation and government liability.

Referral As Early As Possible In the Process Enhances Our Collaborative Approach

Ideally, we encourage referring counsel to contact us as early as possible so that we can direct initial investigation and litigation strategy, discovery planning, expert retention, trial preparation and settlement negotiations.

In some cases, we are retained on the eve of trial, and our attorneys are ready to accept matters on short notice. We take pride in our ability to work cooperatively with our referring attorneys. Whether referring counsel wishes to remain involved, associate, or joint venture a prosecution, it is a rare instance where we are unable to negotiate an equitable agreement.

We know that when referring counsel send us a matter for collaboration, they are placing their reputation on the line and trusting us to do our best for their client. We know that after a referral is made to us, referring counsel rightfully expects that at the end of the case, the client will greet them with these two words: thank you. Lawyers who work with us via referral or association are treated with respect and their relationship with the client is protected and acknowledged.

A referral to our firm reflects an important decision to get the best result for the client while allowing the initial lawyer to share in the fee according to Rule of Professional Conduct 2-200.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral with any attorney at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, please call one of our partners or Kevin Domecus at (415) 889-2919, or you can email us at