ClickCease San Francisco Broadspire Advice For Hip Recall Victims Attorney

San Francisco Broadspire Advice For Hip Recall Victims Lawyer

Broadspire is a vendor that Stryker, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson have hired to deal with the defective metal-on-metal implants that were put in patients. The stated purpose of Broadspire is to allow patients implanted with the defective hips to have their out-of-pocket expenses paid for. There is some risk in speaking with Broadspire: It could damage your hip implant lawsuit.

DePuy And Stryker Implant Patients Should Protect Their Legal Rights

To arrange for Broadspire to pay out-of-pocket costs, DePuy and Stryker both require patients to sign a medical authorization giving DePuy access to the patient’s medical records, without the patient being able to track which records DePuy or Stryker retrieves – you are not given copies. When a patient is represented by an attorney, DePuy may access that patient’s medical records only under the attorney’s supervision, ensuring that the client’s privacy is protected.

The result of signing Broadspire’s authorization is that DePuy and Stryker may get unsupervised access to a broad swath of a patient’s private medical information. One purpose the manufacturers have in gathering those records is to find ammunition allowing them to argue that a particular patient’s hip implant failed due to the patient’s biology or anatomy — not because the hip was defective. This could obviously impact a patient’s hip implant lawsuit.

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