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San Francisco Bicycle Accident Results

Compensation for Cyclists Injured In Bay Area Public Transit Accidents

The personal injury lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have a distinguished record of results for injured bikers in the Bay Area. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for bike riders who have suffered serious injuries and for the families of cyclists who have died in bike accidents involving taxis, buses or other public transit vehicles.

Bicyclist Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury – $17 Million Verdict

Our bicycle accident attorneys handled this catastrophic injury case on behalf of a 52-year-old bicyclist. While riding his bike to work in San Jose, using the bike lane, the defendant cut off our client, throwing him into her windshield and onto the ground. He immediately lost consciousness, and was confused upon waking up. Brain imagery soon showed internal bleeding, and doctors diagnosed him with a permanent brain injury that left the plaintiff wheelchair-bound and unable to work.

Our bicycle accident specialists focused both on the driver of the vehicle as well as on the maker of the helmet. We proved that while the driver was inattentive, the helmet the plaintiff was wearing should have protected him in the collision. After trial, the jury returned a $17 million verdict.

Bicycle Vs. Truck — $15 Million Settlement

The Walkup bike lawyers represented an East Bay special education teacher who was run over by a National Forrest Products delivery truck, causing major leg and pelvis injuries. Our client spent months in Stanford University Hospital undergoing many operations to save her legs from amputation. Her medical bills exceeded $2 million. We proved that the truck driver was inattentive, poorly trained and inexperienced in providing right of way and safe passage to bicyclists.

Bicyclist Injured By Road Hazard — $9.5 Million Settlement

Our attorneys achieved a settlement on behalf of a 29-year-old amateur cyclist whose front tire became wedged in the broken grates of a storm drain cover. The claim was brought against Alameda County. Our client was traveling at roughly 10 mph when he was propelled over the handlebars as his bike came to an abrupt stop. He landed on his head and fractured his neck.

The action was brought against the city and county for violating provisions of the California Government Code requiring that public property be kept in a safe condition. Our attorneys were able to find other citizens who had complained about the problem in the past, thereby putting the city on notice. The settlement included both lump sum and future annuity payments to provide for the increase in cost of attendant care throughout our client’s life.

Bicyclist Injured by Dangerous Railroad Crossing – $1.3 Million Settlement

When our client was attempting to bike near the South Bay City of Saratoga, he came across a railroad crossing along his route. As he attempted to cross the tracks, which were badly worn down, his front tire got trapped between the rails and the pavement. With his bike’s momentum halted, he flew over the handlebars and suffered a brain injury when he hit the ground.

Our bicycle accident specialists diligently worked in discovery to prove that both the City and the railroad company had actual notice of the dangerous condition. Thanks to their efforts, they found specific proof that the defendants knew about the condition, but did nothing to fix it. The end result was fair compensation for our client.

Bicyclist Suffers Spinal Cord Injury in Accident Caused by Taxi — $1 Million Settlement

In this tragic case, our client was biking eastbound on Geary Street, approaching the intersection at Divisadero Street, when a taxi pulled out in front of him, forcing him to hit the brakes and take evasive action. Though the cyclist avoided hitting the taxi, the force of braking and swerving threw him to the ground. He suffered a fractured spine, which left him permanently paralyzed (quadriplegia).

San Francisco Market Street Collision — $750,000 Settlement

Walkup bike lawyers negotiated a $750,000 settlement on behalf of a 28-year-old woman who was struck by a fully loaded Ford F-450 pickup truck as it made a right turn from Market Street onto the Central Freeway on ramp at Octavia Street in San Francisco. The collision took place as the plaintiff was traveling on her bicycle east in a designated bike lane. The defendant struck her while making an illegal right turn from Market Street onto the freeway. In the process, his vehicle pinned her against a retaining wall, resulting in more than 20 fractures to her ribs.

The rib fractures caused flail chest and pleural scarring, leaving the plaintiff with traumatic asthma. The defendant contended that the plaintiff had made a full recovery and had no functional disabilities. The defense also claimed that the intersection itself was partially to blame, as statistics demonstrated that it was the most dangerous bicycling intersection in all of San Francisco. The city and county of San Francisco had been an original defendant, but obtained summary judgment based upon “approved plan and design immunity” as set forth in Government Code §830.5.

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