Fremont Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries happen unexpectedly and can leave victims with significant disabilities and major medical expenses. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, we are ready to help when you need a Fremont personal injury attorney. If another person caused your injury, our team will thoroughly investigate your case so we can secure the compensation you need to get through this.

Why choose Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger for your case?

After sustaining an injury caused by another person, you need an attorney what extensive experience handling complicated cases. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is ready to help.

  • We have an unmatched record of success, having recovered more than $1 billion on behalf of wrongfully injured clients.
  • We have been helping Fremont personal injury victims for nearly six decades, and we understand when to settle a case and when to take one to trial.
  • We have extensive resources available that allow us to conduct complete investigations into every incident.

Our team understands that affording an attorney is not easy for personal injury victims, which is why we take these cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients pay no legal fees until after we obtain the compensation they deserve.

How do personal injury cases arise in Fremont?

Personal injury cases arise in Fremont for a variety of reasons when somebody is injured due to the negligent, careless, or intentional actions of another. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our Fremont personal injury lawyers regularly help clients who have been injured due to the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Electric scooter accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Dog bite incidents
  • Birth injuries/cerebral palsy
  • Nursing home abuse incidents
  • Dangerous property conditions

Can victims file lawsuits to recover compensation?

While the vast majority of personal injury claims will be settled out of court and with insurance carriers, that is not always the case. If an insurance carrier denies a fair settlement, victims may need to file a lawsuit against the alleged negligent party to recover the compensation they deserve. However, the California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1 states that victims have only two years to file a claim in these cases. After the two-year statute of limitations has expired, victims will likely lose the ability to recover any compensation at all.

Please note that, per California Government Code section 911.2, those who have a claim against a government entity in California have just six months to file an injury claim and that those cases operate under a different set of procedural rules.

What kind of compensation is available for these claims?

California law does not specify a set amount of damages that should be awarded for victims of personal injuries. Rather, compensation is awarded based on the factors related to each particular case. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, we have extensive experience helping clients secure compensation in these cases. This includes an $8.35 million jury verdict for a person injured by a defective artificial hip and a $7.75 million settlement for injuries caused by big rig rollover.

Our attorneys will investigate your case in order to secure compensation for your medical bills, lost income, loss of personal enjoyment, and more. When you need a Fremont personal injury attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling (415) 899-2919.