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Maui Wildfire Insurance Claim Lawyer

Skilled Attorneys Helping With Maui Wildfire Insurance Claims

Maui wildfire insurance claim lawyerOur three-firm team includes California and Hawaii-based members of the Hawaii bar who know the duties and obligations insurers owe to deal fairly with their insureds after tragedies like this. That includes the rules governing business interruption insurance, personal dwelling fire insurance, commercial insurance, and business property insurance. A Maui Wildfire Insurance Claim Lawyer is here to help you.

Many families have lost everything. Small and large companies have seen their businesses damaged or destroyed. Losses include homes and apartments, grocery stores, inns and restaurants, houses of worship, medical clinics, schools, professional offices and more. Individual and commercial policyholders spend thousands of dollars annually to insure their property and livelihoods. That coverage is what you depend on when tragedy strikes.

Insurance Company Bad Acts After The Lahaina Fires

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always deal fairly with clients in their time of greatest need. There is a significant history of insurance carriers engaging in illegal, profit-driven methods of denying payment of valid claims and reneging on contractual obligations to policyholders.

Insurance misconduct comes in many forms—misrepresenting the terms of a contract, failure to disclose exclusions or limitations during the purchase of a policy, interpretations of contractual language and “fine print,” imposing unreasonable or arbitrary requirements for proving a covered loss, asking the insured to cover a portion of the loss they should not have to cover, failing to conduct a thorough investigation, using delays to avoid resolution, and other unacceptable practices that shortchange victims.

The Walkup Wildfire Team Can Help

If an insurance carrier unfairly delays or denies your Maui fire insurance claim or engages in other bad faith practices, you may have the right to file a lawsuit with a Maui Wildfire Attorney if:

  • A carrier improperly refuses to pay your claim
  • Unreasonably delays payment
  • Does not abide by the terms of your policy terms
  • Attempts to pay less than what you are entitled to
  • Changes your policy without warning or explanation
  • Requires excessive proof of your losses
  • Fails to conduct a full, fair and thorough investigation of your claim
  • Presents other challenges to your policy/payment

Choose Our Maui Wildfire Insurance Claim Lawyer To Defend You

The skilled and caring attorneys in our three-firm collaboration ( Davis Levin Livingston, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly+ Schoenberger, Panish Shea Boyle and Ravipudi ) all understand the stress and anxiety that comes with improper insurance adjusting tactics by an insurer you trusted. We will listen to your story. We have decades of experience in wildfire claims and insurance company bad acts. Call or email our team today. Your first consultation is free and always confidential.