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Maui Wildfire Property Loss Attorney

Home, Business, and Commercial Property Loss Attorneys in From Maui Wildfire

maui fire property loss lawyerThe incomprehensible tragedy of the fire reduced homes, schools, businesses, commercial and professional buildings, churches and medical offices to ashes. It has made homeowners homeless and eliminated thousands of jobs.

For displaced Maui families and property owners the experienced Wildfire litigation team at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly, and Schoenberger has partnered with Davis Levin Livingston, Hawaii-based lawyers with a well-deserved reputation for trustworthiness, skill, courtroom excellence, honesty, loyalty, and compassion. DLL firm members who we are collaborating with include name partners Mark Davis and Michael Livingston as well as firm members Aimee Lum, Matthew Winter, Chase Livingston and Hannah Matsunaga. Working with a Maui Wildfire Property Loss Attorney at Walkup Melodia and Panish Shea Boyle and Ravipudi in Los Angeles, our team is committed to helping Maui residents rebuild their homes, offices, stores, business, places of worship and community.

Our past experience in California-based wildfire litigation against both PG&E and Edison International provides the clients who retain us with a legal team with an unsurpassed record of success in wildfire–caused cases alleging personal and business property loss.

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At this point in time no one knows what the costs to rebuild will be or when rebuilding will begin. FEMA personnel remain involved in the “active response and initial recovery phase,” The cost of rebuilding is unknown as is the response of government officials to the challenge of creating a permit process that expedites the reconstruction of a historic center of Hawaiian culture. Based on our experience in other similar disasters, we know that there will be engineering, architectural, infrastructure, financing, material shortage and skilled labor issues.

Early risk modeling estimates have ballparked that the wildfire property losses are between $4 billion to $6 billion for property damage and business interruption, with Lahaina experiencing the majority of the damage.

Help for Maui Residents Who lost Homes or Businesses

Survivors of the Maui fires now face the task of rebuilding their lives, homes and community. For those who lost homes and business properties, skilled and compassionate legal help can be key to making the right decisions on the path to rebuilding. An experienced Maui Wildfire Property Loss Attorney can provide assistance with calculating rebuilding cost reimbursement whether that assistance is required to deal with property damage insurers or seeking financial recovery from those who caused the fires to your commercial or home property. It’s important to understand the details behind the business and commercial loss in Maui.

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The Walkup/Davis/Panish team of fire litigation attorneys are available to answer questions, prosecute claims, review correspondence with insurers, develop and analyze rebuild cost projections, and provide access to experts who can help construct solid claims for property damage losses. At a minimum, our Maui wildfire lawyers can answer your questions and help you understand your rights.