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marin county nursing home abuse attorneysOne out of 10 people over the age of 60 who live in a nursing home or an assisted living facility are abused, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If you are a victim of nursing home abuse or believe a loved one is suffering, an experienced and compassionate Marin County nursing home abuse lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger can help. We can protect the rights of those suffering from abuse or neglect, and work to ensure you or your loved one is compensated for their suffering. Call (415) 981-7210 or fill out our online contact form in order to schedule a free consultation.

How Do You Choose the Right Attorney?

  • The Marin County personal injury lawyers at our firm have fought on behalf of nursing home abuse victims for nearly six decades and have recovered over $1 billion while advocating for our clients.
  • We take nursing home abuse cases on a contingency fee basis and will only charge you a fee when we secure compensation for you.
  • Our nursing home abuse attorney is not afraid to take your case to trial if doing so is the best way to get you the financial compensation you need.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Marin County

Signs of neglect and abuse need to be looked for vigilantly by family members, as they can be hidden or disguised by the offenders. Some indicators include:

  • Dehydration and/or malnutrition
  • Bedsores
  • Poor or unsanitary living conditions
  • Multiple instances of falls
  • Lack of interaction with staff and other residents that was typical
  • Over medicated or sedated
  • Noticeable change in appearance or hygiene
  • Rapid or extreme weight loss
  • Sudden agitation or emotional withdrawal
  • Unexplained bruises and other injuries
  • Unusual or prolonged depression

Monitoring and reporting inconsistencies or incidences of nursing home abuse or neglect can literally be a life and death situation involving the most vulnerable and at-risk residents.

What Damages Can I Recover from a Nursing Abuse Case?

If the victim, or plaintiff, is able to prove that the nursing home acted negligently then they are able to seek damages to compensate their:

  • physical pain and suffering
  • mental pain and suffering
  • emotional distress
  • cost of medical treatment

If there was any lost wages or income, they may also be sought after, however nursing home residents are typically not employed. In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded in order to punish the defendant.

Why You Need a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

A Marin County nursing home abuse lawyer can play a critical role in securing compensation for your losses, as they will have a considerable amount of experience handling these types of cases. A Marin County nursing home abuse lawyer can provide resources, such as experts who can evaluate your situation and testify on your behalf, as well as the funds necessary to investigate and provide evidence for your claim. Having legal representation will also increases your chances at negotiating a favorable settlement or proving your claim in court, as they will have the necessary skills and knowledge of the law needed to do so.

What Does a Lawyer Charge for a Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Many personal injury attorneys base their fees on a contingency fee agreement, which means the fee they collect will be based on a percentage of the compensation you recover. If you are not awarded financial compensation in your case, then you will not pay any legal fees for representation.
Because having an attorney increases the chance of maximizing your recovery, many plaintiffs end up with more or just as much compensation after paying attorney fees than if they had not had a legal advocate.

Need Help? Contact a Marin County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

If you or someone you know is suffering from nursing home abuse in Marin County, contact Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger. A sincere and compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer can provide the information and support you need. Call (415) 981-7210 today to schedule a free case evaluation.