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oakland bicycle accident attorneysBicycle accidents in Oakland are on the rise as the city’s tourism and residential areas rapidly expand. California laws afford bicyclists every right, privilege, and responsibility that cars have, but passenger vehicle drivers don’t always see it that way. Crowding and carelessness are two of the biggest causes of bicycle accidents in Oakland.

However, with more than 50 years of experience as Oakland personal injury attorneys, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger know how to protect your family from overwhelming encumbrances like medical bills and psychological therapy after a traumatic bike accident.

Bicycle Accidents and Investigations in Oakland

Bicycles don’t have cushioned backrests, airbags, or a sturdy frame to protect riders from impact. Contact with a vehicle can destroy a bicycle frame and launch a cyclist into the air. Severe injuries including brain, spinal cord, and burn injuries can quickly happen in auto/bicycle accidents. These catastrophic injuries often prevent cyclists from ever bicycling again.

Law enforcement officers should treat bicycle accidents as they would any other traffic incident. Unfortunately, a small segment of officers continue to hold biases against bicyclists. They don’t always accurately report bicycle accidents, which can significantly limit a bicyclist’s injury recovery.

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, we understand the bicycle laws in California and how law enforcement officers should handle accidents. We use every resource at our disposal, including traffic cameras, to discover the truth of bicycle accidents and protect our Oakland clients’ right to compensation.

Some of our bicycling accident cases have resulted in $9.5 million and $15 million settlements. When commercial drivers, government agencies, and passenger vehicle drivers fail to use an appropriate level of caution around bicyclists, they deserve to pay for the resulting injuries.

Bicyclists in Oakland: Watch Out for These Risks

Oakland, CA is a forward-thinking, diverse, and sustainability-focused city in the Bay Area. As a result, the community is incredibly welcoming to bicyclists. In fact, the publication, Bicycling, listed Oakland as one of the 50 most bicycle friendly states in the U.S. The city has a bike share program that can even accommodate riders with disabilities such as amputations. Despite these progressive movements, it’s impossible to eliminate accidents and injuries associated with sharing the road.

Like motorcyclists, bicyclists bring a slim profile onto the roadways. Unlike motorcyclists, they are quiet. Along many of the busy streets and neighborhoods in Oakland that allow parallel parking, doorings occur. Motorists park on the side of the road, but fail to thoroughly look behind them into the roadway before opening the door. A bicyclist traveling at 20-30 mph may not have time to stop in these cases; and, the results can be devastating.

Other common causes of bicycle accidents include right-hand and left-hand turns at intersections. Passenger vehicle drivers don’t always look closely enough to recognize bicyclists riding through an intersection or coming up behind them. Road hazards may also contribute a serious single-bike accident.

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Who you choose to represent you in a personal injury claim matters. Many firms may claim to dedicate their time and expertise to you, but few offer the experience, resources, and drive needed to win. Our firm has developed a reputation for securing more multi-million dollar outcomes than any other personal injury outfit in the area. We’ve been in the area since 1959 and have represented numerous injured bicyclists in accident claims.

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If you partner with us, we will conduct an independent investigation to determine true liability. We will help you work through the complexities of the California insurance system, and represent you in court, if necessary, to secure an advantageous outcome. Our firm does more than talk, we have the history to prove our success.

Many of the attorneys who work at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger are bicycle enthusiasts themselves. They understand what bicyclists face in the Bay Area and put their passion for the activity into every case they handle. To learn more about our bicycle accident capabilities or schedule a complimentary case evaluation, please reach out to our team.