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Aviation accidents and fatal plane crashes occur at airports across the country with great frequency. Often, crashes involve commercial airliners, like the 2013 Asiana crash at San Francisco International Airport, but fatalities also occur at smaller airports with regional carriers, private airplanes and helicopters.

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our California aviation crash wrongful death specialists include lawyers with special skills in the area of aviation and more than 50 years’ experience handling fatal airliner, private plane and helicopter crashes.

Experienced San Francisco Plane Accident Lawyers

Fatal crashes occur for many reasons: pilot error, improper maintenance, contaminated fuel, mechanical or product flaws and even air traffic controller negligence. Regardless of the reason for the disaster, our aviation litigation team has represented survivors in a host of situations.

Our California wrongful death aviation crash lawyers offer our clients a proven track record of success in obtaining compensation for those left behind when an aviation crash takes the life of a loved one. Our wrongful death litigation team has experience in almost every aspect of liability, including defective replacement parts, pilot negligence, air traffic controller error, negligent maintenance, failure to follow safety procedures, and even crashes caused by defective maps, counterfeit replacement parts and fuel contamination.

Walkup aviation lawyers have experience working hand in hand with government investigators of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as well as with local and state investigators. Because government-based investigations can take years, we often commission an independent investigation on behalf of our clients as soon as possible after a crash, and we move swiftly to identify potentially liable parties.

A Law Firm With A Proven Track Record Of Success

Air Ambulance Crash – Major Confidential Settlement

Our aviation team of wrongful death lawyers concluded a federal court wrongful death case on behalf of the survivors of a 40-year-old mother and her 1-year-old daughter who died 45 minutes after boarding a Cessna King Air ambulance transporting the child to a regional medical center. Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed, killing all passengers and crew members. Walkup’s aviation lawyers argued that the pilot was not properly trained to fly the aircraft because he had only three hours of nighttime training. Further, they argued that he had selected a dangerous departure route from the rural airport and, as a result, became spatially disoriented and flew the plane into the ground. The defense argued that the pilot was properly trained and the departure route approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our wrongful death clients included the deceased mother’s heirs, including her siblings and mother. The case was concluded by way of a mediated settlement in a confidential seven-figure amount.

Private Plane Crash – $3 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Our aviation litigators obtained a $3 million settlement on behalf of the widow and two surviving children of a 45-year-old missionary who died in a plane crash in Mexico. While the man was traveling on a missionary relief effort, the cam shaft gear broke in the plane he was piloting. Walkup wrongful death litigators successfully brought a wrongful death claim against the manufacturers of the engine, demonstrating that it contained both design and manufacturing flaws.

Commercial Air Crash – $2 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Our airline wrongful death litigation team obtained a settlement in excess of $2 million on behalf of the grandparents of a 7-year-old child who died on Alaska Airlines Flight 261 when the plane crashed en route from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to San Francisco. Our wrongful death lawyers, working in conjunction with attorneys for other plaintiffs in the case, proved that Alaska Airlines did not take all necessary measures to perform required maintenance, overlooked signs of potential problems and thereby assumed responsibility for the deaths.

Private Plane Crash – Confidential Settlement

Walkup’s aviation team resolved a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the three surviving adult sons of a San Carlos woman who was killed when the private plane she was riding in crashed in San Mateo, California. The cause of the crash was pilot error. The pilot was also killed in the crash, and the settlement was paid by his estate. The amount of the settlement was made confidential.

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