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California 4-H Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Many organizations in the United States have been rocked by allegations of child sexual abuse. This includes 4-H club, a youth organization that focuses on helping kids and teens develop into successful adults. There are more than six million 4-H participants in the U.S. Unfortunately, child sexual abuse allegations have hammered the organization. If you or a loved one have experienced child sexual abuse while participating in a 4-H program, contact the California sexual abuse attorneys at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger today at (415) 981-7210 or through an online contact form.

4-H Clubs Can Be Havens for Sexual Predators

4-H programs are all over the United States, including urban, suburban, and rural areas of California. These programs are designed to work in partnerships with schools and universities across the nation to help young people “learn by doing.” The organization consists of in-school and after-school programs, school and community clubs, as well as 4-H camps.

However, there have been instances of child sexual abuse perpetrated by 4-H staff and volunteers. These are not isolated events, and as more light is shed on the depth of the child sexual abuse problems in this country, more and more victims of 4-H sexual abuse are stepping forward.

AB 218 Gives Victims Time to Get Justice

As of January 1, 2020, Assembly Bill 218 was in effect in California. This law extended the amount of time that victims of child sexual abuse have to file lawsuits against the perpetrators of their abuse as well as any organization that covered up the abuse.

Before AB 218, victims only had until they turned 26 years of age or three years after they discovered abuse took place to file a lawsuit. Now, victims have many more rights to file a claim regardless of how long ago the abuse happened.

AB 218 also allows for “treble” damages against anyone who covered up the abuse, potentially tripling the compensation a victim can recover.

Why Do You Need an Attorney to Help?

In order to be successful in a sexual abuse case against 4-H, victims need to secure a skilled attorney. A child sexual abuse lawyer will have the resources to:

  • Thoroughly investigate your allegations of sexual abuse as well as any cover-up that 4-H has been involved in concerning child sexual abuse.
  • Ensure that the sexual abuse victim receives the counseling they need to properly process what happened to them.
  • Negotiate with all parties involved to reach a fair settlement on behalf of the sexual abuse victim.
  • Prepare a case to go to trial if that is what it takes to secure the compensation the victim needs.

We Are Here for You Today

If you or somebody you love has been the victim of child sexual abuse while participating in 4-H club events, seek legal assistance immediately. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our team will thoroughly investigate your case. We understand the impacts that this kind of abuse can have on victims, and we will work to secure compensation for your pain and suffering, any counseling needed, and punitive damages against the perpetrators of the sexual abuse. Call us today for a free consultation of your case.