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In the delivery room, shoulder dystocia is an emergency that requires immediate action by the delivery team. In shoulder dystocia, the shoulders are situated so that the infant is caught in the birth canal. The attending medical professional needs to respond quickly and accurately to avoid Erb’s palsy and brachial plexus injuries.

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When shoulder dystocia is indicated by the size of the infant or by the mother’s condition, prompt Caesarean section is required. Without prompt intervention, a child faces years of physical therapy and possible surgery for brachial plexus or Erb’s palsy.

  • When shoulder dystocia becomes obvious, it is often too late for a C-section.
  • The doctor must quickly perform maneuvers designed to get the child through the birth canal before oxygen deficiency or some other additional damage is done.
  • In pulling the child through the birth canal in an emergency situation, the child’s neck and shoulder nerves can be stretched or torn causing Erb’s palsy. In some cases, the baby’s collar bone (clavicle) is deliberately broken to enable rapid delivery.

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