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Causes Of Spinal Injuries

Roughly 11,000 spinal cord injuries occur each year due to numerous causes. Our San Francisco spinal cord injury attorneys handle cases that involve any of the following causes:

  • Car accidents or other personal vehicle crashes
  • Falls from heights, ladders and stairs
  • Semi-truck collisions or other commercial vehicle accidents
  • Sacramento motorcycle accidents or ATV wrecks
  • Diving, football and other sports injuries
  • Construction site accidents and falling debris that causes work site injuries
  • Public transit accidents
  • School yard and playground accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian injury
  • Recreational accidents involving boating, diving or skiing
  • Medical malpractice involving surgical errors, birth injury or trauma, or delayed diagnoses of spinal disease or spinal tumors
  • Falls from balconies or platforms
  • Unsafe nursing home or hospital conditions that result in trauma
  • Defective passenger restraint systems in cars and trucks
  • Bicycle crashes

The consequences of spinal cord injury last a lifetime. Our California spinal cord personal injury team of attorneys makes certain that we take into account each client’s individual needs and their special rehabilitation and life care demands.

Legal Representation For Bay Area Spine Injury Victims

We know that with full resources to deal with the ongoing medical, emotional and physical complications of an injury, a spinal cord injury victim and his or her family can lead full, rewarding and satisfying lives.

When the negligence of someone else is at fault, we are there to help. We are experienced in handling spinal cord injuries that result from all types of trauma, from birth injury to toxic chemical exposure.

The San Francisco law firm of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger understands that spinal cord injuries are permanent. The impact is sudden, devastating and isolating. We have helped many victims obtain millions of dollars in lawsuit recoveries for negligently caused spinal cord injuries. This is money to which these victims are entitled by law so they can rebuild their lives and live with dignity in spite of their disabilities.

Our San Francisco attorneys know the issues involved in the litigation of paralysis and spinal cord impairment cases. We know how to fight effectively for our injured clients. Regardless of the severity of your or your loved one’s spinal cord injury, you should contact a lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger today.

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