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Spine Injury Resources

Spine Injury Resources And Information

The spinal cord injury attorneys at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger will fight to make sure you get the fair compensation you deserve; however, after a serious spinal cord injury, learning to deal with disabilities and life changes is as important as being financially secure.

That’s why we provide this list of resources. We want our spinal cord injury clients to realize that their Walkup attorneys will not only fight for their financial rights, but will also help them in any way possible to minimize their injury’s effect on their lives.

Read about back injuries, join spinal injury support groups and more through our helpful links. Remember, your Walkup attorneys truly want your life to continue as normally as possible.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association
The NSCIA has been a leading organization for more than 60 years helping to maximize the quality of life for people with SCI. Its website offers information on developments in SCI, as well as the opportunity to join the NSCIA.

Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center
This offers a vast amount of information on the anatomy, physiology and complications of SCI. The website is equipped with articles, books and chat rooms to help provide information about SCI.

SCI Information Network
This website constructed by the UAB Model SCI Center maintains a statistical database on SCI care and provides other important information regarding the center’s research.

American Paraplegia Society
Founded in 1954, the APS is dedicated to improving the quality of medical care delivered to patients suffering from SCI. The website offers an opportunity to join the society, as well as information on the organization and its ideals.

The Christopher Reeve Foundation
Christopher Reeve’s foundation works to educate the public, support research for a cure and provide inspiration for people with SCI. The Web page offers information as well as inspirational stories for all people.

American Spinal Injury Association
The American Spinal Injury Association is set up to promote excellent health care, educate people with SCI and the public, and facilitate research for better treatment. Its website offers information on the organization and how to become a member.

Spinal Cord Injury Peer Information Library
This website offers a wealth of testimonials and information on much of the technology available for people with spinal cord injuries.

Spinal Cord Society
This international society is dedicated to research and treatment of spinal cord injury and related problems. Visitors to its website can view the organization’s newsletter and most recent publications.

Spinal Cord Research Centre
This Canadian-based research center is attempting to make progress at all levels of SCI treatment. Its website offers insight into the center’s basic and clinical research.

Foundation For Spinal Cord Injury, Prevention, Cure & Care
A dedicated nonprofit, this organization strives for public awareness, education and funding research on behalf of those with spinal cord injuries.

SCI Network International
This organization provides important information and referral services to people with SCI. This network helps match injured people to excellent health care providers.

Spinal Cord Injury-For Your Information
This website run by Santa Clara Medical Center offers information and answers to questions about spinal cord injury.

The Able Project
The Able Project is a nonprofit organization providing a place for people with disabilities to find many of the important products they need. Its website offers links to a variety of retailers of special assistance equipment.

Access to Recreation
This retail website provides important products to individuals with disabilities.

Project Action
This organization is dedicated to enabling people with disabilities to access public transportation. The website allows visitors to read up on the ongoing struggle for better transportation for the disabled. You can also join the group through the website.

United Spinal Association
This website for a nonprofit organization that consists mainly of U.S. veterans provides important information on expanding opportunities for people with spinal cord injuries.

Center for SCI Recovery
Located at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (Detroit and Grand Rapids), this well-known facility is one of the first hospital-based programs of its kind in the United States to provide a long-term, high-intensity, nontraditional, activity-based therapy program that uses innovative exercise techniques to optimize recovery. The website offers a variety of information on the people running the studies, as well as how to sign up for their aggressive therapy program.

International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Paralysis
A nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for spinal cord injury cure research. The website offers information on the organization as well as how people can help raise money for the cause.

Mike Utley Foundation
Founded by the former NFL player who suffered a spinal cord injury while playing in a game, this foundation was created to raise money and help all people with SCI. The website allows people to read Mike’s own story as well as donate money for research.

Rehabilitation Research Center
This research center is dedicated to finding new ways to treat and help people with spinal cord injuries. The website allows visitors to find out about ongoing research and advancements being made.

Spinal Cord Injury Peer Support
This site is dedicated to facilitating conversations and support between people with spinal cord injuries. Discussion topics range from wheelchairs to sports to sexual function.