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San Mateo motorcycle accident lawyersMotorcycles are undeniably fun, and many Californians enjoy them as both a means of transportation and as hobbies. Most people also recognize that motorcycles are one of the most inherently dangerous vehicles a person can drive on the open road, so it’s imperative that San Mateo motorcyclists know their rights and options for legal action after an accident. Anyone who suffers an injury due to a negligent motorcyclist should be aware of all options as well. While we can’t erase the injuries, our San Mateo accident attorney can help alleviate financial stress.

In our pursuit for maximum compensation, we’ve recovered more multi-million awards for our plaintiff’s than any other Northern California law firm. Meet with us today in a free consultation to see if we could be a good fit to fight on behalf of you and your family after a severe motorcycle crash.

Dangers San Mateo Motorcycle Riders Face

Thanks to the now infamous Hurt Report, one of the first studies to focus on motorcycle safety, we now have a much better understanding of the inherent risks motorcyclists face. Motorcycles are smaller, lighter, and generally quicker than most other passenger vehicles on the road. Their small size makes them harder to see, and other drivers may not notice a motorcycle passing through a blind spot as easily as they would notice a larger car. Motorcycles also do not provide nearly the same degree of protection to riders as passenger cars. While cars are enclosed and somewhat protected from external forces, there is almost nothing to protect a motorcyclist from impacts.

Safety equipment is absolutely crucial for motorcycling. While some states only require helmets for younger riders, California state law dictates that all motorcycle drivers and passengers must wear Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmets at all times while on the road. Various studies indicate that helmets absolutely make a difference in crash fatality rates. DOT-approved helmets can reduce the likelihood of a fatal injury by as much as 37%.

Injuries in motorcycle accidents often include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, severe cuts, and friction burns from sliding on asphalt (often called “road rash”). These injuries often require extensive recoveries, and motorcycles themselves rarely escape serious damage in accidents. Injured motorcyclists can file personal injury lawsuits to recover their losses. A successful lawsuit will depend on proving the other driver’s negligence. Our San Mateo Motorcycle Accident Attorney will help you with your case.

Negligence in Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

California follows a comparative negligence law, meaning plaintiffs can recover damages through personal injury claims, even if they share some degree of fault in causing the incident. It is up to the judge to determine the percent of fault. California’s comparative negligence law states that the plaintiff’s degree of fault lowers his or her case award by that percentage. For example, a motorcyclist found 10% at fault for a $100,000 case would win $90,000.

Injured motorcycle accident victims can recover various types of compensation through a personal injury claim. The plaintiff’s attorney will help gather the necessary evidence for building a case, such as the plaintiff’s medical report and the police report for the accident. The medical report will outline the extent of the patient’s injuries, the doctor’s prognosis, and treatment plan. The police report will contain eyewitness statements and the police’s findings from the accident scene.

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Motorcycle accident lawsuits in Sacramento are often complex, so injured riders in San Mateo need to secure reliable legal counsel as soon as possible after a damaging accident. The attorneys of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have secured more million-dollar settlements for clients than any other Northern California personal injury firm. Schedule a free case evaluation by visiting our contact page, and one of our attorneys will review your case and let you know what to expect from a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver.