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Nursing homes in California and throughout the United States exist to provide a safe haven for our elderly loved ones who can no longer live independently. Nursing homes and their staffs have a legal and moral obligation to provide the best possible care and to ensure a safe, clean environment free of abuse. Unfortunately, many nursing home employees take advantage of their positions to assault, intimidate, defraud, and otherwise abuse the patients in their care. When this happens, a qualified San Mateo nursing home abuse attorney from Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger can help victims recover.

Types of Elder Abuse

Nursing home abuse or “elder abuse” happens in many ways:

  • Physical abuse. Striking, slapping, or otherwise physically harming elderly residents.
  • Neglect. Failing to provide clean bedding and clothing, timely meals, access to restroom facilities and clean drinking water, or failing to administer medications properly all constitute neglect.
  • Sexual abuse. Any unwanted sexual contact, sexual battery, rape, or coercion into sexual acts or to view sexual content.
  • Emotional abuse. Intimidation, ridicule, or bullying, of patients suffering from degenerative mental health issues.
  • Financial abuse. Defrauding, stealing money or valuables from residents, applying for credit cards in residents’ names, and other forms of identity theft.

Many nursing home residents who suffer abuse at the hands of their caregivers may feel too frightened to speak up to loved ones about their experiences. If you have elderly parents or other relatives staying in a nursing home, it’s vital to be vigilant for the signs of abuse.

If you notice sudden changes in your loved one’s personality, disinterest in old pastimes, or if he or she seems distracted during visits, be sure to ask about their experiences at the nursing home. Take note of any inexplicable bruises, cuts, or other injuries. If you uncover evidence of any type of nursing home abuse, make every effort to remove your loved one from the abusive environment as soon as possible, calling the authorities if necessary. Next, connect with a reliable San Mateo nursing home abuse attorney.

Filing a San Mateo Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Depending on the nature of a nursing home abuse case, the plaintiff may sue an individual or the nursing home as a business. Nursing home abuse of any kind is a crime, so the defendant will likely face criminal prosecution from the state as well as a civil action from the victim. A good personal injury lawyer can help plaintiffs in nursing home abuse cases secure compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and financial losses resulting from abusive nursing home staff.

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