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Many of the best and brightest minds in the nation congregate in San Jose and Silicon Valley to work at corporate giants, develop the next generation of technology, and push intellectual boundaries. In the aftermath of a brain injury, all of the potential a mind holds can dramatically change. Serious drunk driving accidents, falls, and sports can all cause or contribute to a life-altering brain injury.

If someone’s careless or malicious actions cause a brain injury, the injured individual reserves the right to take legal action. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger represent all brain injury victims in San Jose personal injury claims.

Understanding Brain Injuries

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. It controls everything. You can live with extensive scarring across your body. You can live without limbs. You can’t live without a brain. Brain injuries vary depending on the area impacted and the type of injury. Some minor bruising will usually heal over time, but more serious damage can lead to permanent changes.

A brain injury consists of both acute symptoms and long-term effects. Acute symptoms may include headaches, insomnia, confusion, slurred speech, loss of consciousness, and convulsions. Anyone with a suspected brain injury should seek immediate medical attention. Health care professionals can take steps to diagnose injuries, relieve damaging pressure in the skull, and monitor changes within the brain.

Long-term effects vary widely. Some people experience drastic personality changes. Some lose the ability to speak, read, or comprehend language. Some cannot control motor functions. The effects can range from subtle to intense and debilitating.

The effects of a brain injury may not manifest right away. When a person’s cognitive abilities or personality changes suddenly, they may not connect it with a previous trauma. For this reason, we urge all of our prospective clients to visit the doctor after any head injury. You may not notice the subtle signs of something seriously wrong.

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Brain Injury Lawyer

Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is one of the most reputable personal injury firms in Northern California. We secure the most multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in the area. Our skilled San Jose brain injury attorneys have access to our on-staff doctor-lawyer who consults on many brain injury cases. We practice at the state and federal level; and, we know how to handle insensitive insurers.

In the past, we have secured the following results among many others:

  • A $17 million verdict in a product liability case involving a brain injury
  • A $12.2 million verdict in a dangerous roadway case involving a pedestrian brain injury
  • An $8.8 million verdict in a car accident case involving a brain injury
  • A $6.5 million settlement in a birth injury case involving an HIE (hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy) brain injury

If you partner with us, we will fight for your right to compensation with conviction and evidence. The outcomes we secure can go a long way toward surgeries, rehabilitation, long-term care, and more. The compensation can help you achieve the best possible quality of life under the circumstances.

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In the local vicinity, many brain injury victims attend the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. The center is part of a network of 14 research and treatment facilities that use the federal Traumatic Brain Injury Model System of Care. Daggett Street in San Jose is home to a brain injury nonprofit, Services for Brain Injury (SBI). The nonprofit helps brain injury victims and their families throughout the recovery process.

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