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Who will become history’s next Henry Ford?

The U.S. government finally weighs in with ‘first-ever’ guidelines on self-driving cars. For many commuters the prospect of autonomous vehicles – getting from Point A to Point B without having to lift a finger – is irresistible. The self-driving car (or robot car, as some put it) has demonstrated the technology is available for cars…

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Valet driver kills 1 in San Francisco car wreck

A fast-growing nationwide valet parking service was involved in an April San Francisco car accident that cost the life of a woman, according to news reports. Like ride-share companies Lyft and Uber, Luxe uses contract drivers. When crashes like this one happen, it raises legal questions about the ability to hold the company paying the…

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Self-driving car crashes in San Francisco

If self-driving automobiles are supposed to eliminate car accidents, it appears that engineers still have a ways to go. An automated test vehicle recently got into a crash in downtown San Francisco, though state officials blamed the incident on the human inside the vehicle. The car was a Nissan Leaf that Cruise Automation had equipped…

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