Personal Injury

[Study] The Most Dangerous Pedestrian Intersections in San Francisco

  On March 31, 2021, a 74-year-old man crossing the intersection at San Bruno and Masson Avenue was struck by a vehicle, and died. On May 18, 2021, a 29-year-old woman was killed in a similar way at the intersection of Hayes and Polk Streets – marking the eighth pedestrian death this year in San… read more

What is Emotional Distress in a Personal Injury Case?

Being involved in an accident and sustaining an injury is a traumatic experience for victims. Whether an injury occurs due to a car accident, a workplace accident, due to a defective product, a dog bite, or some other traumatic incident, victims can suffer from a wide range of economic and non-economic damages. This includes emotional… read more

What to Do After a Semi-Truck Hits Your Car

Most drivers have operated around large commercial trucks on the roadway, and driving around these large vehicles can seem scary. Unfortunately, accidents involving large commercial trucks do occur on the roadway, and they can lead to severe injuries for victims. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a fully loaded semi-truck can weigh… read more

Is There a Time Limit to File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you or somebody you love has sustained an injury caused by the careless or negligent actions of another person, company, or entity in California, it may be necessary for you to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation. Injury victims are often able to recover compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and… read more

Evidence You Should Preserve After an Accident

Getting into a vehicle accident can be an incredibly stressful and scary experience. In the aftermath of a crash, even a relatively minor one, most people are not thinking about gathering evidence. The first priority in the aftermath of any car accident must be to secure medical assistance for anybody who has been injured. Most… read more

Do I Need to Call the Police After a Car Accident?

Getting into an accident can be a scary experience. Even if the accident is relatively minor, the incident can create unneeded stress for all involved. Many people wonder whether or not they need to call 911 after an accident occurs, particularly if the crash did not cause any injuries. While calling the police after a… read more

What to Do If You’re Injured While On Vacation

Most people think of sustaining an injury, they think of vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, or perhaps a slip and fall accident. In general, most personal injury cases arise when a person is in their own town or state. However, what happens if a person sustains an injury while they are on vacation? Injuries that occur… read more

Fires Caused By Faulty Wiring On the Rise

Studies show that there are approximately 51,000 home electrical fires each year. It’s reported that these incidents cause as many as 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries annually, as well as significant property damage. No one should have to worry about whether or not the wiring in their home or business will lead to a fire…. read more

Types of Damages You Can Recover in a Personal Injury Case

One of the most important parts of a personal injury case is determining how much compensation an injury victim will receive. There are various types of compensation available for those who have been harmed due to the negligence of others. It is vital that an injury victim understands each of the following damages so they… read more

How is “Pain and Suffering” Calculated in California Injury Cases?

If you or somebody you love has sustained an injury that was caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to various types of compensation. This can include coverage of medical bills and lost income as well as various types of pain and suffering damages. However, calculating pain and suffering damages can be complicated… read more