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Proving Slip and Fall Allegations

Slip and fall incidents can dramatically change a victim’s life, producing injuries ranging from fractures of wrists and hips to major head injuries. Most fall injuries fall within the ambit of so-called premises liability law, which has its own special requirements – it’s not enough to snap a picture of the dangerous circumstance on your…

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Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Serious

People with a negative view of personal injury law often make fun of slip and fall cases. Often the victims of such incidents are portrayed in Movies and TV as exaggerating their injuries and wearing an unnecessary neck brace to court to sway the jury. The truth is, tripping or slipping and falling to the…

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Trampoline center spinal cord injuries on the rise

In our last post, we discussed the growing number of children who suffer severe spinal cord injuries at trampoline centers. CNN reports that trampoline injuries caused over 90,000 emergency room visits in 2010 and the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued statements advising parents against letting their children use trampolines. “Although trampolines can be fun…

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