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Car Accidents

What Is Prop 213?

Prop 213 is a California state law that went into effect on November 6, 1996. This law primarily restricts uninsured drivers from collecting non-economic damages resulting from a car accident, even if the accident was not their fault. This law has been challenged numerous times but has not been overturned at this point. While the law primarily affects those involved in an accident who are uninsured, there are portions that may affect you in other accident claims as well. Our San Francisco car accident lawyers explain the details of Prop 213 below. What Compensation Is Affected by Prop 213? Prop…

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What Do I Do If I’ve Been “Doored” By a Car?

Bicycle commuting is rapidly gaining popularity across the nation, but especially in California. San Francisco saw commutes rise by nearly 9 percent in 2016, with an estimated 82,000 bike trips every day. However, with the prevalence of bicycles also comes the potential for danger, as cyclists and motorists learn to coexist on the busy SF streets. One of the most dangerous things that can happen is “dooring” – when a parked vehicle unknowingly opens their door to obstruct the path of an incoming cyclist. While it may sound comical, dooring may result in potentially serious, painful injuries including: Severe road…

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Has Uber Affected Drunk Driving Rates in San Francisco?

There has perhaps been no bigger impact to the traffic and commuting world recently than the ridesharing revolution. Companies such as Lyft and Uber are convenient alternatives to the older taxi model of ride-hailing, making it even easier to get around your neighborhood. One heavily debated result is the impact companies like Uber have had on driving under the influence. It’s theorized that their prevalence and ease of hailing rides should ideally reduce alcohol-related driving incidences such as DUIs, alcohol-related fatalities, and drunk driving collisions. But is this really the case? Has Uber affected drunk driving rates in San Francisco?…

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Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

You faithfully pay your insurance premiums on time, and reasonably expect others to do the same. It can be frustrating then, to be involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured or underinsured. Unfortunately this is not uncommon. Should you find yourself in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, take the following steps: Call the Police It’s always a good idea to summon the police to the scene of an accident, but especially when there’s an uninsured driver involved. Having an official police report will help you get your expenses covered under your own uninsured driver…

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Public Transportation Injuries and Legal Claims

In general, public transportation is a safe and cost-effective way to travel. When bus, train, taxi, and cable car accidents do take place, however, they tend to cause serious and life threatening injuries. If you are involved in a public transit accident and suffer an injury, you will likely qualify for benefits through the at-fault driver’s insurance. Liability in Public Transportation Accidents Many states, including California, are at-fault states. This means that the at-fault driver will face liability for the accidents and injuries he or she causes. Every driver is responsible for maintaining a reasonable duty of care on the…

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At least 10 people, 4 vehicles involved in major accident

A multi-car accident on Highway 4 left multiple drivers and passengers needing medical care and a number of vehicles with serious damage. The accident occurred near Antioch where a stray bumper had fallen onto the freeway. As speeding cars tried to avoid it, one stopped, triggering a pileup that involved four other vehicles. At least 10 people were treated for injuries, with reports that three people were listed in critical condition. Five ambulances and four helicopters responded to the scene to tend to the victims. Road debris like this is dangerous – auto-parts, bumpers, loose and unsecured cargo as well…

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10 injured, 5 seriously in car wreck at Chinatown bus stop

Even waiting at the bus stop in San Francisco is not as safe as you might think. Minding your own business on the curb still can put you in the path of an out-of-control car or truck and expose you to serious injury. That is what happened to 10 people in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood on Dec. 16. According to KPIX-TV, the group was waiting at a Muni bus stop when a car drove into them and their shelter. Police say the driver lost control of her vehicle and hit two cars before going over the curb. Police said that…

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Uber’s driverless gamble debuts in San Francisco

The debate over safety, accessibility, reliability and consumer’s acceptance of autonomous vehicles has grown heated as multiple tech businesses have pushed their efforts to get driverless vehicles on the road. Uber jumped to the forefront of the controversy in the Bay Area today by announcing that self-driving cars are part of their etaxi services starting now. Despite the absence of a testing permit from the California DMV, Uber is moving ahead with a select number of Volvo XC90 vehicles that do not require a driver although an attendant will be present in the vehicles. License and registration Uber claims that…

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Bad weather and deadly car accidents

November ushers in the rainy season in San Francisco. Inclement weather starts to be a major problem in many parts of the U.S. this time of year. While extreme weather conditions (think hurricanes and tornadoes) inspire headlines, car accidents caused by bad weather kill many more people per year across the country. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, roughly 22 percent of all vehicle crashes involve hazardous weather. That translates to nearly 6,000 deaths per year in accidents caused by rain, fog, snow, ice and other weather phenomena. Common cause of weather-related crashes Over the past decade, wet pavement…

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Every 17 hours, someone in San Francisco is hurt in a wreck

Serious auto crashes happen every day in U.S. cities. San Francisco is no exception. Trauma surgeons at San Francisco General Hospital say that they treat a victim of a serious auto wreck around every 17 hours. About half of the patients who arrive at San Francisco General’s Trauma Center were hurt in an auto collision, Mission Local reports. Medical treatment lost wages and lost productivity cost about $35 million per year. The victims get badly hurt while driving or riding in a car, walking across the street or riding their bicycle. Some do not survive. Others do but sustain permanent…

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