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Heirs v. International Manufacturer

In Heirs v. International Manufacturer (confidential settlement), Michael A. Kelly, Doris Cheng and Andrew P. McDevitt obtained a confidential multi-million dollar settlement for the wife and newborn baby of a Northern California deliveryman who suffered fatal injuries while working. The decedent was riding in the middle position of the front bench seat of the delivery…

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What If My Doctor Misdiagnosed My Cancer?

Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and failure to diagnose aren’t always harmful mistakes to patients. When the patient has cancer, though, diagnosis errors can mean the difference between life and death. If a doctor in San Francisco misdiagnosed your cancer case, resulting in a worsened prognosis, additional medical treatments, lost quality of life, the death of a…

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Family of police shooting victim sues officer, city

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the Walkup firm against a police officer, police department and city authorities outside of California says that the officer should never have been hired to join the force. The suit says the officer, who shot and killed a 15-year-old African American boy in 2012, once attended a…

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