California Wildfire Evacuation Checklist

Being in a wildfire can be terrifying. Unfortunately, it is a part of life for many Californians, especially as the number of wildfires steadily increases. Staying prepared with this wildfire checklist can help you and your family safely evacuate. Follow Evacuation Instructions Always follow evacuation instructions that have been given for your area. If there… read more

Tips to Avoid Insurance Scams After Wildfire Damage

When you are struggling to rebuild your life after wildfire damage, the last thing you might expect is to encounter unjust behaviors by someone pretending to help. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Californians who are facing major repairs or renovations after wildfire damage. Use the following tips to avoid insurance and disaster recovery… read more

What to Do if Your Insurer Refuses Home-Policy Renewals During Fire Season

Millions of residents in California depend on their homeowners insurance policies to cover repairs or rebuilds should their properties get damaged by wildfires. Unfortunately, in recent years, a significant portion of these homeowners have received letters from their insurance companies notifying them that their policies will not be renewed in the next term. If you… read more

When Is Wildfire Season in California?

California’s natural environment encourages the spread of wildfires. Low humidity, lack of precipitation, dry vegetation, high temperatures and hot winds create ideal conditions for a fire to spark and spread. Several months during the year are referred to as California’s “wildfire season,” typically from summer to fall. This time of year tends to have conditions… read more

When Could an Electric Company Be Liable for a Wildfire?

It is a known fact that weather conditions are a major factor in the spread of wildfires. It is also true that lightning is the origin of many fires in California. However, about 90 percent of all wildfires are caused by human activity – including electric company activity. Your family may have grounds to file… read more

Who Is Liable for Wildfire Damage in California?

Many people assume that wildfires are natural disasters or acts of God – an unavoidable part of living in California. While it is true that environmental conditions such as high heat, severe winds, low humidity and lightning can spark wildfires, some of the most devastating wildfires in California’s history have been caused by human activity,… read more