Oakland Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are some of the most devastating injuries a person can experience. They are unpredictable and difficult to treat. You can suffer a serious brain injury if you experience mild, repeated blows to the head or one extreme blunt force trauma. Few brain injuries heal completely and most create chronic conditions that affect individuals across a lifetime.

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our Oakland brain injury attorneys understand the devastating nature of traumatic brain injuries. Over the years, we’ve represented many people who may never recover from their brain injuries. We’ve helped them obtain millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts so they can pay for surgeries, medications, as well as other forms of treatment. As the preeminent law firm in Northern California, we strive to help each brain injury victim we serve achieve the best possible quality of life after a preventable accident.

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Brain Injuries in Oakland

Acquired brain injuries can arise from many different activities in Oakland. A display in Jack London Square could fall on someone’s head. The blunt force of a serious car accident could cause internal bleeding. Shrapnel from an equipment explosion at the Port of Oakland could penetrate someone’s skull. A drunken sports fan could cause serious damage with his fists. Traumatic brain injuries are relatively rare, but as illustrated, can arise from any number of situations.

The location and amount of damage determine the severity of a brain injury. Interestingly, two people with similar brain injuries and test results may display very different symptoms. Every person’s brain contains similar structures, but we all have the capacity to develop new and evolving neural pathways – meaning every brain injury experience is unique.

Brain injury victims can experience a range of long term symptoms including loss of speech, loss of memory, loss of motor function, changes in personality, changes in mood stability, and more. Any part of a person can change as the result of a brain injury.

Many people with brain injuries need to undergo months or years of rehabilitative therapy. Victims may require help relearning basic skills like how to read, how to talk, or how to manage daily functions. Some can never return to their past lives.

Our Approach to Brain Injury Claims

Over the years, we have secured a $12.2 million verdict in a pedestrian accident brain injury claim, an $8.8 million verdict in a car accident brain injury claim, a $4 million settlement in a failure to diagnose brain injury claim, and $2.8 million in a negligent surgery brain injury claim. When drivers, doctors, and others fail to use a reasonable standard of care, those who suffer at their hands have the right to take action. Our attorneys have the legal skills, the resources, and the decades of experience needed to negotiate a fair outcome.

We begin working immediately for our brain injury clients, helping them find adequate medical care, arrange finances while the case is open, and provide compassionate support as necessary. While you focus on rehabilitation and recovery, we will dedicate our working hours to investigating liability, negotiating fair settlement values, and taking unreasonable claims to trial if necessary. With our national acclaim, we bring far more negotiating power to the table than many other local law firms. We cannot promise a specific outcome, but we will use every resource we have to protect your right to compensation.

A brain injury in Oakland can destroy careers, create financial hardship, and decrease someone’s total quality of life. Take action against the wrongdoers who changed your or your loved one’s life. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.