ClickCease California Senator Proposes $100 Reward For Reporting Drunk Drivers

California Senator Proposes $100 Reward For Reporting Drunk Drivers

California State Senator Ron Calderon recently introduced a bill that would offer a $100 reward for anyone whose report of a drunk driver leads to a conviction. This is just one of many active drunk driving prevention initiatives throughout the state aimed to curb the number of drunk driving accidents.

“Even though alcohol-related crashes are down dramatically, there are still far too many drunken driving accidents that affect the lives of so many,” the lawmaker said.

Drunk driving accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. The risk of a car accident involving serious injury or death increases with every incremental 0.1 blood alcohol level percentage of a driver.

There are multiple reasons why drunk drivers are more likely to be involved in serious crashes including reduced reaction times, increased speeding, difficulty controlling a vehicle and an increased likelihood of driving without seat belts.

The Los Angeles County Senator hopes that Senate Bill 1203 will help prevent a number of drunk driving crashes by encouraging citizens to proactively report drunk drivers to law enforcement officials before a crash occurs.

“No prevention measure can be used effectively without law enforcement first being aware of the dangerously intoxicated driver,” the lawmaker said. “This bill puts all the law enforcement machinery in play by making them aware of the drunk driver.”

Source: Senator Ron Calderon, “Senator Calderon Bill Would Reward People Who Report Drunk Drivers,” Feb. 27, 2012