ClickCease Trampoline centers increasingly popular despite patron injuries

Trampoline centers increasingly popular despite patron injuries

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Trampoline centers are a growing trend in California and across the country.

Unlike traditional backyard trampolines, new trampoline centers are state-of-the-art facilities that feature dodge ball courts and other amenities. The largest trampoline center in the country was recently opened in California by reality-TV star Alexis Bellino and her husband. The 35,000-square-foot trampoline center in Anaheim is billed as a kid-friendly environment that has foam pits and trampoline basketball courts.

Many parents and children have unfortunately found out firsthand that trampoline facilities can be highly dangerous. Dozens of negligence lawsuits have been filed against trampoline centers across the country on behalf of children who have been severely injured in trampoline centers.

“It’s devastating to see your child go from being a vibrant athlete – laughing, playing, running and jumping – to sitting on a sofa feeling down and gloomy because he can’t do the things he should be doing,” said the mother of a teen injured in a trampoline accident. The teen suffered a spinal cord injury at a trampoline center and is relearning how to walk.

One trampoline center owner said that negligence lawsuits are very common and that every trampoline center can expect to face litigation by injured patrons at some point.

“Because this is a very fast-growing industry, the only ones who haven’t been sued are the ones who haven’t been around for very long,” the trampoline center owner said.

We will discuss other trampoline center lawsuits in our next post.

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