ClickCease Seniors Protest Inadequate Care at Manteca's Kaiser Hospital

Seniors Protest Inadequate Care at Manteca’s Kaiser Hospital

The quality of healthcare in smaller California communities is a growing concern. Recently 50 seniors and nurses from Manteca went to Kaiser Permanente Corporate Headquarters in Oakland to protest what they call substandard service at the city’s Kaiser Hospital.

Mature male patient sitting on gurney in hospital gown, looking to side, rear view

The seniors and nurses held a vigil that included photos of individuals who were purportedly harmed by Kaiser’s actions. Seniors say that the hospital cuts and denies services and that some patients were harmed after being rerouted to Modesto and beyond.

“My husband has multiple medical issues and with the service cuts we’ve experienced frightening delays in care,” one woman told the Manteca Bulletin. She added that there has been at least one occasion when her husband waited over five hours to be rerouted to another hospital.

“We’ve paid premiums for more than half of our lives,” the woman said. “We expect to get care.”

Fox News reports that the hospital has repeatedly denied rumors that it was closing. Kaiser claims that it is pushing services to larger hospitals because of a decrease in patients. The hospital also blames a labor dispute with nurses for a decrease in care levels.

“We are a small hospital, but we are a community hospital and the community really needs to have those services here,” one nurse told Fox News.

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