ClickCease Harley recalls thousands of bikes with possible brake problems

Harley recalls thousands of bikes with possible brake problems

Harley-Davidson is a brand for riders who are serious about their motorcycles. Thousands of Harley riders got bad news on July 9, as the company announced a recall of 66,241 bikes as a result of anti-lock brake issues.

The 2014 Harley line of Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles, produced between July 1 of last year and May 7, 2014, features anti-lock brakes. However, due to a design flaw on these models, the front brake line can become pinched between the fuel tank and frame. Brake fluid pressure can build up in the pinched line, causing the front wheel of the motorcycle to lock up unexpectedly – as any experienced rider knows, one of the most dangerous situations a motorcyclist can encounter.

So far, Harley-Davidson has identified five crashes caused by the brake line design defect. Fortunately most of the riders in these crashes escaped unscathed, but even so, two motorcycle injuries have been directly tied to the defect.

The past year has been a rather tremulous one for Harley-Davidson. Early in 2014, Harley announced a voluntary recall of 18,000 motorcycles in its Breakout and CVO Breakout lines to correct defective fuel range indicators. Hydraulic clutch systems were the subject of yet another recall late last year, with 29,000 bikes recalled.

Riding safety is critically dependant on having a motorcycle that is in good working order. Defects like those appearing in several of Harley’s popular product lines can quickly turn a pleasant weekend ride into a tragedy. If you have been harmed by a motorcycle defect, or if you lost a family member in a crash involving defective equipment, you have a right to compensation from the manufacturer.

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