ClickCease Consumer Reports magazine implores Toyota to recall vehicles

Consumer Reports magazine implores Toyota to recall vehicles

In the last two years Toyota has recalled more than a million vehicles due to sudden acceleration, braking issues and electronics problems. Indeed, it seems all vehicle manufacturers have been recalling car and truck models at an unprecedented rate. It is hardly a surprise to anyone when a new recall is announced concerning a dangerous vehicle defect. But what about the automaker that seems to acknowledge there is a safety problem in one of its vehicles, but does not issue a recall?

Consumer Reports recently published an article urging Toyota to recall Toyota Camry Hybrids from model years 2007 to 2011. There is a problem with the brake systems in these Camry Hybrids; specifically, the filter in the brake-fluid reservoir can become clogged and the actuator of the antilock brake system may cease functioning, meaning that an extreme amount of pressure might have to be applied to the brake pedal to stop the vehicle.

Right now, Toyota has offered to fix these problems free of charge for owners of 2007 to 2011 Camry Hybrids who bring their vehicles in to dealerships. But, Toyota has not issued a general recall and has not made attempts to reach every owner of these models, which could cost millions. The faulty break systems are installed in approximately 178,000 vehicles.

Making safety tradeoffs in the name of profit is nothing new in the auto industry. But when it comes to brake problems, most of us would agree that it is simply unacceptable to cut corners. As USA Today quoted Consumer Reports as saying, “What’s at issue here is a series of acknowledged defects in a crucial safety system.”

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