ClickCease Kaiser Hospitals and Permanente Group Enjoy Record Revenue

Kaiser Hospitals and Permanente Group Enjoy Record Revenue

Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care organization in the United States, had a terrific third quarter, according to Becker’s Hospital Review.

That site, which reports business and legal information regarding the top players in the healthcare industry, reported that Kaiser’s operating revenue was $14.2 billion in 2014’s third quarter, up $1 billion from the same period in 2013. Meanwhile, the company’s operating income reached $768 million, significantly higher than the $518 million Kaiser collected in 2013’s third quarter.

For the year, Kaiser’s net income, or profits, was $997 million. That is roughly a 36 percent increase over 2013.

Individual doctors also had a good year, according to a nationwide survey. Physicians from nearly all fields reported that their median income went up this year, compared with last year. Urologists had the largest pay increase, with their average wage going up seven percent to $409,044.

The highest overall compensation was for general orthopaedic surgeons, who earned an average of $514,577, a two percent increase year-over-year. Gastroenterologists enjoyed an average raise of six percent, while diagnostic radiologists’ income went up an average of two percent. It appears that the only specialty to earn less this year was anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists’ income went down an average of two percent.

Most doctors work very hard to give their patients the best possible care. However, there remain a significant number of physicians who mistreat their patients due to their own negligence. These bad doctors can be held to account by victims through medical malpractice litigation.