ClickCease 5-year-old was critically injured after being hit by an SUV

5-year-old was critically injured after being hit by an SUV

Sadly, there is another case of a young pedestrian getting hit by an SUV in San Francisco to report. As the city seeks ways to improve safety for walkers and bike riders, a 5-year-old girl was critically injured by the vehicle as she crossed the street with her mother.

The girl and her mother were walking near Stonestown Mall the afternoon of March 18. They were in the crosswalk, attempting to cross 20th Avenue, when an 86-year-old woman struck them, police say.

Both pedestrians were rushed to the hospital. The San Francisco Chronicle described the 5-year-old’s injuries as life-threatening as of the day of the accident. Her mother’s condition is not mentioned, though she was hurt as well.

Police were still determining whether the driver, who remained at the scene, was responsible for their injuries. The woman was reportedly cooperating with authorities.

The next street over from 20th Avenue, 19th Avenue, is frequently busy with traffic, and many drivers use 20th Ave. as an alternative route, according to the manager of a store near the accident site.

The Walkup firm is a supporter of WALK SF a pedestrian safety and advocacy group that is working toward elimination of pedestrian injuries in San Francisco.

Pedestrians of any age are the loser when struck by cars. If they survive, it may be a long time before they recover. Pedestrian safety needs to be on everyone’s radar when they get into their car.