ClickCease Walk to Work Day is April 9

Walk to Work Day is April 9

Back on Feb. 6, we shared our firm’s involvement with Walk to Work Day. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is proud to be a Street Star Sponsor for San Francisco’s Walk to Work Day, which is April 9 — just around the corner.

As we discussed in February, most people can celebrate Walk to Work Day, even those for whom walking their entire commute is not possible. Walk San Francisco, the organization behind the local event, is encouraging commuters to walk at least 15 minutes of their trip to and from work. The group is also providing Employer Toolkits for businesses looking to boost participation among their workforce.

Participants can share their walk through social media, using the hashtag #Walk2Work. Walk San Francisco will give out prizes for the longest commute, most interesting signs and “best show bling.”

Walking has terrific health benefits, but unfortunately San Francisco is not always a safe city in which to be a pedestrian. A video from the Knight Foundation points out ways to improve pedestrian safety, such as reducing speed limits in residential areas.

As the video points out, it is common to have lower speed limits in front of schools, because the speed of the vehicle can make a big difference in a pedestrian accident. At 20 mph, the car has a 5 percent chance of killing the victim. At 40 mph, the odds skyrocket to 85 percent.

Our firm believes that every city’s motto should be Pedestrians First. Everyone is pedestrian sometimes, and everyone deserves a safe journey.