ClickCease David Crosby hits jogger with his car in California

David Crosby hits jogger with his car in California

Legendary musician David Crosby accidently struck a pedestrian with his car recently. The victim’s injuries were said not to be life-threatening, but he suffered multiple bone fractures, according to CNN.

There are few details about the crash. Crosby was driving in Santa Ynez, California, near his home. He was on a road with a posted speed limit of 55 mph, driving around 50 mph, the California Highway Patrol reports.

Crosby came upon the victim jogging on the road and somehow struck him. He later told police that his vision was affected by the sun. Police said that Crosby cooperated with authorities, and did not appear to be impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The jogger needed to be airlifted to the hospital. A spokesman for Crosby later said that his client was “obviously very upset” about the incident, and was relieved to learn that the jogger was expected to survive. He wished the pedestrian a fast recovery.

Weather conditions can affect a driver’s ability to be safe on the road. Blizzards, high winds and thunderstorms may be more obvious reasons to slow down, but glare from the sun can also affect your ability to notice what is around you. It appears that Crosby was going under the speed limit at the time of the accident, but may still have been going too fast based on his ability to see.

The CNN article notes that the jogger may have been on the improper side of the street. In cases where a victim of negligence is deemed partially responsible for his or her injuries, he or she may still be able to recover damages.