ClickCease Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Serious

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Serious

People with a negative view of personal injury law often make fun of slip and fall cases. Often the victims of such incidents are portrayed in Movies and TV as exaggerating their injuries and wearing an unnecessary neck brace to court to sway the jury.

The truth is, tripping or slipping and falling to the ground can seriously harm the human body. Many people have become permanently disabled. Even less serious injuries can take months or years to heal.

Some slip-and-fall accidents are predictable, such as when someone fails to clean up a spill or fix sidewalks or steps. Property owners owe legal visitors, like customers and social guests, a duty of care to fix reasonably obvious hazards, or at least warn them about the danger.

Common examples of slip-and-fall hazards include:

· Rotten steps, stairways or decks

· Damp or slippery floors

· Uneven or broken flooring

· Poor lighting

· Missing handrails

· Loose carpeting

Far from a scam or a joke, most slip-and-fall cases are serious, and most victims deserve their day in court. They should not have to pay for their medical care, lost wages and rehabilitation costs, when somebody else sets the stage for the accident.

For victims, the first step toward getting justice is to find the right personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer knows how to build a strong case with the help of expert witnesses. He or she can negotiate a possible settlement and present a plaintiff’s claim in court.