ClickCease California dental clinic allegedly sickened children

California dental clinic allegedly sickened children

Going to the dentist should help children stay healthy and pain-free. But an attorney for dozens of California families say that one clinic harmed at least 57 children in the name of profits.

The clinic, Children’s Dental Group, is located in Orange County. According to a lawsuit filed against it, dentists at the clinic are alleged to have routinely performed unnecessary “emergency” root canals, extractions and other procedures on young children after pressuring their parents into signing a consent form. The clinic would allegedly perform 80 to 100 unnecessary procedures per day and charge up to $1,000 apiece.

Additionally, the clinic is accused of using contaminated water in its procedures. The water at the clinic has tested positive for mycobacteria, according to county investigators.

Several of the young patients have become seriously ill as a result. A story by KNBC-TV about the litigation reports on one 4-year-old ex-patient who is bedridden due to an infection that has spread throughout her body. The plaintiffs say Children’s Dental Group allowed several such “life threatening” infections to occur.

Putting profits before the health and safety of patients is never justified, but to abuse children in this way is unconscionable. If you suspect your child was victimized by a careless or otherwise negligent medical professional, contact a medical malpractice attorney for helping sorting out your legal options.